Glossary of Spiritual, Psychic, & Psychology Terms

For me, the most gentle, fast, effective, and empowering personal growth work combines the areas of spirituality, psychic abilities, and psychology or personal growth & development. Since I very often work with clients who are new to at least one if not all of these areas, why not have a glossary?

Here is what I mean when I use the following terms:

visualization aid, 7 layers of aura around psychic Janet Wright
Aura: Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your physical body. Your seven major chakras along your spine generate the energy that make up the seven layers of your aura. Here is a photo of me where I have added a perfected & simplified view of what the layers of my aura would look like. So you would look like that too, if someone had perfect clairvoyance to see it this way, and you had perfect flow and vibrance and wellness in your aura that day. Here is my intro video on the aura Psychic 101 for you Aura.

Chakras: Chakras are energy centers. We all have them. We can all learn to heal and use our own chakras. Chakras spin and help energy to flow in your space, so you can feel good and be open to positive change. They help you to function in your daily life and for you to be the best you can be. Your seven major chakras are along your spine, numbered like floors in a building with the 1st chakra at the base of your spine and the 7th chakra in the top of your head. Other chakras I discuss a lot are hand chakras- one big one in the palm of each hand which I teach you how to use to give yourself energy healings. Also feet chakras- one big one in the arch of each foot which draw up comforting earth energy from the center of the earth. Intro videos I have about chakras are Psychic Chakras 101 which diagrams a chakra and describes what it does, & the video that describes abilities for each of the seven chakras is Psychic Chakras 201. Then this is the intro video for using your hand chakras for healing. In my meditation recordings you can always use visualization, imagination, intention, intuition, energy healing w/your hands, or all of the above. If you want to do a whole video on just one of the seven major chakras I have those too on my youtube channel.

Whack or Energy Whack, to Whack, Whacked: this is a noun but also a verb. My YouTube videos Energy Whacks Part 1, and Energy Whacks Part 2 are great references for this. Often when people are imbalanced and their repressed anger is triggered they throw energy at the person who has triggered them. Of course it is bad karma to whack someone, but it is super common. The piece of energy is thrown with some force, and sometimes it looks a little like a snowball or a big log, a cannon ball, or like a small or large surfboard. That piece of energy that is thrown can be called a whack, also the act of throwing the energy is called whacking someone. The thrown piece of energy can cause no damage, a little damage, or a lot of damage to the target person depending on how flowing and centered the target person’s energy is at that time. You cannot stop people from whacking you, but you can control how centered and flowing your energy is through consistent self-healing. If the target person’s aura is damaged by a whack, it creates a tear in the aura. This tear can look like a pie piece taken out of the outer surface of the aura. If the target person was very centered and flowing then the tear will be less deep. The tear in the target person’s aura can also be called a whack. You can regularly check the outer surface of your aura for whacks (or aura tears) during meditation, wash them out, and heal them up using gold healing energy. Once you have a little practice it is very quick and easy to find and heal a whack. See my videos linked above for more info.

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