Personal Growth Topics

to help focus & inspire your self-healing

Many people want to create positive change and know that the most important changes are inner changes, or inner growth. Spiritual growth or positive change sounds great but it is best when there is more of a concrete focus, when you can reflect on what specifically you need, how you need to heal & strengthen yourself & evolve.

The sessions that I offer are meant to support and inspire your self-healing practices. One sure road to clarity is through regular moments devoted to reflection, even if it's a few minutes with a journal a few times a week. Many people think of the clarity and wellness they'd like but they are picturing the end result they'd like, and not realizing all the little baby steps that would get them there over time. Even one deep breath counts as a baby step. Writing in a journal for four minutes about any of the topics below, or literally writing whatever else you'd like to write counts as a baby step. Inner happiness is a gradual journey.

Here are some possible personal growth reading topics. Someone might want more:

  • peace of mind
  • emotional wellness, less depression, fewer ups and downs
  • processing and releasing repressed emotions
  • better sleep
  • clearing fear, generating courage
  • building a more positive self-identity
  • self-love
  • self-nurturing or self-care
  • productive focus
  • creative inspiration
  • being less overwhelmed
  • ability to calm mind
  • ability to center self
  • ability to DO the self-care they know they should do
  • understanding of a particular relationship
  • understanding of past lives they have with a certain person
  • ability to move on and stop thinking about an ex
  • ability to change behavior, such as shop less, eat less, meditate
  • allowing angels to help and protect (for more on angels see the last bullet pt and paragraph at bottom)
  • innocence
  • work on healing their inner child
  • stronger boundaries with a family member, boss, etc.
  • to be more present and in the moment, smell the roses
  • feedback on their meditation practice or help with starting one
  • energy healing- my energy healing sessions are group energy healing via Mini Triplet group energy healing sets, or individual healing via PDH's or 1hr Personal Deep Healings
  • energy healing coaching- I teach many people to meditate and/or give themselves energy healings for free with all the meditation recordings free to download from this site, & videos on my Janet Wright Readings YouTube channel
  • hear my angels more clearly (see below)

Journaling, meditating, & self-healing regularly over time can help make you more present and help you to hear your angels more clearly on a daily basis. By angels I mean personal angels that are assigned to you for this life to guide and help you. Angels are fully altruistic spirits, not human spirits like your grandma in heaven, though she may also be doing her best to help. :-) Regular self-healing behaviors are the absolute best way to become able to hear your angels more clearly yourself. Here are a few videos that might help, Melt Your Wall 4min, 5th Chakra 5th Aura Layer Healing 21min, Work w/ Angels More in Sleep 26min.