What is a personal growth psychic? My specialty:

I am a reader, healer, & teacher. I use my abilities to help you with your inner wellness, your personal growth issues- to heal, grow and move forward. I do NOT read the future. I offer two types of sessions:

  • Group sessions- 2 types: Triplet group energy healing sets, HMC Twin group energy healing sets. Both group healing products are explained on my session payment page. Both these group healing products offer in-depth healing in a group context. The prices are low to help you & your loved ones get the all healing you need, when you need it. They are not meant to be a complete substitute for regular self-healing. Hopefully in time they will introduce you to more healing techniques, helping you to be more present and motivated, inspiring you to do more of your own self-healing as you enjoy receiving pro healing too!
  • Individual sessions - Inspire sessions - first announced in April 2018 news update video. I had a raffle for people wanting a chance to buy an Inspire Session, but as of May 2021 the list has gotten a bit too long. So I've decided to stop adding more names to the raffle list for several months so I can catch up and do sessions for those already on the list. See details about what an Inspire Session is near the bottom of my session payment page
  • NO MORE phone sessions. I did them for 16 years but moved on to the new exciting sessions above. NO MORE AIR's or PDH's as new Inspire sessions replaced them.

Please be sure to read the entire Home page and this page to make sure what I do matches what you need. Sessions are also described in detail on my session payment page.

What I do NOT do:

I do NOT read the future.
I do NOT read with Tarot cards.
I do NOT focus on financial wealth or business success.
I do NOT do entertainment readings.
I do NOT do in-person readings or events.
I do NOT do spells.
I am NOT a medium. I do NOT specialize in speaking with crossed-over loved ones to relay details to prove to you they are OK.
I am NOT a medical intuitive. I do not address specific physical/medical issues.

What I do:
In short, I am an energy healer, reader, & teacher. In other words, I am a clairvoyant reader, an intuitive reader, a clairaudient (hearing telepathy or spirit communications from you, your angels, other people in your life, and to a much lesser extent from people in heaven). I am an energy healer but other terms would be distance energy healer or remote healer. I heal individuals but also groups of many different clients at one time. I close my eyes and visualize, use intuition, and also telepathy and clairaudience to hear your angels.

I help people who want to work on their personal growth and wellness issues in an empowered, realistic, and relatively efficient way.

I read you in the present and past when helpful. I see energy details such as
chakras, aura, grounding,
past lives,
daily situations,
people in your life (if you tell me their first and last name),
your angels (see and hear them),

If you are stuck in big or little ways, I can help you to understand how and why and what to do about it. I help you to heal and balance.
I offer free self-healing aides like many many YouTube videos, meditation recordings you can download from this site for free, and low cost individual & group sessions, all to inspire and support you on your self-healing journey.