photo of Janet Wright energy healer, angel message & people reader, & teacherMy name is Janet Wright and I am an

energy healer,
& teacher

I specialize in helping people to accelerate their spiritual growth and self-healing. I teach pro-level energy healing technique for free on youtube, and offer group energy healing for a reasonable sliding scale fee. My group energy healings are live streamed on youtube, so if you did not pay to receive the healing from me, you could still watch live and heal yourself. I work with people from all over the world since all the work I do is remote or distance healing & reading. After 20 years, I no longer do individual one on one sessions, so that I can focus on the group healing work & free youtube self-healing instruction. I teach pro-level energy healing technique on youtube because I feel strongly that everyone should have access to this type of instruction regardless of income level or location, so you can treat yourself to daily pro level self-healing. The people I heal and teach span all levels- from total newbies, to veteran self-healers, to pro reader healers.

Group energy healing sessions-

All my group energy healings heal chakras, aura, grounding for general repair, flow & presence, and also do theme-related healing. You don't need to know the other people getting healed, and there is no mixing of energy between you & other people being healed. It's a way for me to heal & teach many at once, keep my healing rates as accessible as possible, and provide the teaching info for free.
The group healings are grouped into a set of multiple healings two days apart for greater effectiveness & to allow deeper exploration of a theme. Each month there is a Triplet set, & a Twin set.
A Triplet set
is a set of three healings, on Fri, Sun, Tues.
A Twin set
is two healings on Sun & Tues. I used to call these Healing Masterclass or HMC Twin sets since there is some archangel teaching & involvement, but now I prefer to say just Twin set.
All group healings regardless of type are live streamed to youtube
and I explain what I'm doing as I heal. Everyone is always very welcome to watch.
People watch the live stream healings from all over the world. There are cute quick chat hello's at the start, and often at the end people share feedback and there's a few questions related to the healing.
I'm healing all the pre-paid participants, whether or not they watch live on
my JanetWrightReadings YouTube channel.
Healing live streams and separate Q & A live streams are automatically saved to video, so you can watch them at your leisure on
my JanetWrightReadings YouTube channel.

All my group healings are live streamed to youtube and the live stream starts at the same time each time.
in the US & Canada 10am PDT / noon CDT / 1pm EDT
in UK / central Europe 6pm BST / 7pm CEST
other countries feel free to email me & I'll be happy to calculate times for you. There is maybe 15min of chat and technical intro / overview, then the healing starts.
Triplet sets start on the first Friday of the month, then the Sun & Tues after that.
Twin Sets start on the third Sunday of the month, plus the Tuesday right after that.

HOW MUCH, HOW & WHEN TO PURCHASE: Each group healing set has a standard rate of $50 US total. If that is not affordable for you, there are sliding scale rates down to a low of $30 US total. This means a Triplet set (all 3 healings) is sold for $50-$30 total. A Twin set (2 healings) is sold for $50-$30 total. View dates, themes, & purchase on session payment page. Group healing sets go up on the session payment page each month on the 15th at or just after noon PDT / 2pm CDT / 3pm EDT, and sell out quickly within 30min-3hrs. I email my news email list right when the sessions go up. If you want to receive my news emails that go out roughly once a month, email and let me know.

WHO: Why not you?! :-) I am super open to both new & veteran clients, from all over the world. I can even heal your loved ones who are not consciously open to energy healing in general, since I can say hi to them on a spirit level and see if they give telepathic consent. For example if you have a grouchy yet lovable hubby or a cynical teen, they could benefit from healing too!

WHICH ONE: Often newbies get stuck on which theme is best, which one should they buy. Each healing helps in more ways then are stated by the theme, so just go for it! If you still have a question after viewing the session payment page just email me

Separate Q & A live streams -

I do a separate Q & A live stream once a month these days. As a reader, energy healer, and teacher I answer all sorts of energy healing, aura, chakra, boundaries, personal growth questions. Often the questions are submitted live by viewers at the start of the Q & A, one question per viewer. Each separate Q & A live stream is saved to video so they make interesting & educational videos for later. Here's a Q & A live stream I did on Family Boundaries etc. Here's a Q & A I did Sept 2020 on Hearing Your Angels etc. Here's a Q & A live stream I did August 2020 on Love Life questions. Many Q & A's don't have a central theme and have a huge variety of wellness & energy healing questions that I answer. Anyone is welcome to post a question, even if I have never worked with you before. If your question would require me reading your energy, putting your first name and last initial in the question would be helpful, unless your YouTube ID is your name. Of course just a reminder, I do not read the future. Here's a playlist of all the Q & A live streams I've done since early 2020. When I do special live streams like Q & A's or short demo style walk throughs I like to email my news email list a day ahead of time, since these live streams are not on set schedule. The group healing live streams are on a set schedule which you can see on my purchasing page. If you don't already get my news emails you can email me and ask that I add you. My email is

Why do I teach energy healing? Why not teach clairvoyant reading since I am both a reader & energy healer? I do teach reading as well, but I emphasize energy healing. The point of energy healing is to get more present and whole and well, to progress and move forward. As you get more present and whole and well, all your abilities can increase, including intuition, hearing angels / telepathy or clairaudience, and seeing energy / clairvoyance. So it's more efficient, safe, and empowering to focus on energy healing for a while until you get much more present and the other abilities start to naturally strengthen. Once you are pretty present, fine tuning things to enhance certain abilities through targeted self-healing is easier. So if you cannot see or read your own energy, keep in mind you can't see it "yet," and keep working on getting more and more present through energy healing.

NO MORE INDIVIDUAL Sessions, a historical perspective
After 20 years, I'm stopping doing individual sessions so I can focus completely on my group energy healings, and the energy healing technique teachings on youtube that go with them.
I explain this decision and the reasoning behind it in the first 14min of
this recent Q & A. You could watch me explain in the video to learn more. I offered in-person one on one sessions back in Chicago starting October 2001 through about 2015. I did phone sessions for 16 years through the end of August 2017. I did remote individual sessions with no phone call through Oct 2021. In contrast, I've done group energy healing since March 2017. I started live streaming myself to youtube as I did the group healings August 2019.

Free Guided Meditation Recordings -
Since May 2017 all meditation recordings on this site are free to download. They are great for focused listening or even half-listening as you do other things. Calming guided meditation recordings or upbeat meditation energy healing webinar class recordings. I made these in 2013 and 2014.

YouTube Channel Janet Wright Readings is an educational channel with 300+ videos on chakras, chakra energy healing, grounding, clearing energy chords, etc. New videos are mainly my saved live streams. Each month I do seven live streams: five group healings as a set of three then a set of two, plus two separate Q & A live streams. Earlier videos include a big assortment of explanation and/or healing walk through videos. For example, here is a set of three explanation videos in a playlist called 7 Chakras, Aura Layers, Flow. There are two videos explaining the basic shape and function of chakras, Psychic Chakras 101 & 201. There is the fundamental Psychic Grounding Part 1 & Part 2 for those new to very wide & flowing grounding, and the point of it. Also Energy Whacks Part 1 & Part 2 give great background info on aura tears or whacks and energy self-defense info. Gold Energy Aura Buffer Zones is a ground breaking 18 min video teaching aura repair plus a companion technique. There is at least one of the earlier healing walkthrough videos for each of the 7 chakras. Other key earlier playlists include Sleeping & Waking Up, and Strong Energy Boundaries. From 2017 there is a three video series explaining Spiritual Age. There is also a demo-style playlist for a new type of video where I heal myself in whatever way I happen to need at the time and walk you through "demo" the same process so you can heal yourself at the same time. Dive in & learn for free! Subscribe if you want to show support and easily find the channel when going back to YouTube, plus then click the bell icon next to the subscribe button to have YouTube notify you when I post a new video. You could also add a new YouTube channel for yourself with a more anonymous name so that you feel more comfortable posting follow up questions or supportive comments under my videos. For example HippieGirl333, BeachLover777, ChakraVibes7654.

YouTube Channel Janet's Pineapple Time is a separate YouTube channel for fun personal things I want to share, about my husband and myself, our pets, our cross country move with 7 pets, anything. I created it in 2016 and it only has 2 videos so far, but I hope you enjoy. Subscribe to be notified of new posts.

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