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Meditation recordings by Janet Wright - Free to Download

This is page 2 of 3 where you can download my audio meditation recordings- for free!

This page has the 12 meditation energy healing webinars created January through June 2014. There is a lot of teaching & technique practice in these, with an upbeat tone and attendee Q & A. They are each at least 1hr long and until May 2017 were $5 each. The other pages have shorter recordings.

Starting May 2017 I made ALL my audio guided meditation recordings free, so be sure to visit the other two download pages in this Free Meditations menu here on this site for many more meditation recordings that are now free.

You can download then listen to the recordings as a focused seated meditation, or also while stretching, working out, while on a walk, or while doing household tasks. You can put them on your desktop computer, then your iPad, iPod, or smartphone and take them anywhere with you.

  • To download RIGHT CLICK on the file
  • then choose SAVE AS or SAVE LINK AS
  • double check the destination on your computer
  • click the SAVE button

If you have a mac laptop or mac mouse you may have to do control click, or option click in order to download/save to your computer.

Hearing Your Angels, Self-Love, Peace of Mind. 1hr 15min
Focus, Being Present, Sleeping Well. 1hr 18min
Feedback Webinar: Healing & Clearing Chakras 4-7, Healing Feet, Intuition & Confidence, Upgrading Abilities, etc. 1hr 4min
Deep Thought, Inner Reflective Space, Communication w/Self & Others; Flow between Eternal Self, Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind. 1hr 12min
Feedback Webinar: Colors of Grounding, Grounding 7th, Chords, Whacks, Clearing jumpiness/ADHD, reducing obsessive thoughts, Inspiration, etc. 1hr 23min
Charisma & Kundalini, Reputation, First Impression, Kundalini self-healing walkthrough, healing from higher self. 1hr 19min
Feedback Webinar: Tuning Body & Spirit Vibration, Self-Nurturing, Receiving Good Karma Healing, Clearing Energy Blocks. 1hr 8min
Spring Cleaning PART 1: Clearing & Healing a Room or Home. Energy Clearing for bedroom, kitchen, closets, pipes, cabinets, whole home, yard, front/back door, etc. Considering roommates, spouses, neighbors, building owners, non-resident extended family, etc. 1hr 11min
Feedback Webinar: 5th chakra in-depth, Legs & Earth Energy, Gold Net Technique, Goals, Forgiveness, Sleep. 1hr 5min
Spring Cleaning PART 2 - Clutter, DO PART 1 FIRST, Deep Self-Healing to dramatically reduce clutter in your home, Piles, Physical Cleaning, Giving Away Objects. 1hr 8min
Feedback Webinar: Confidence, Courage, Love, Decisions, Recharging your own batteries, *Using your 4th chakra to heal your 7th and 1st chakras.* That last part is towards the end so don't miss it even if you have to listen to the recordings on various days bit by bit, or of course half listen over breakfast or lunch or folding laundry. 1hr 5min
Creativity & Inspiration, tiered to-do lists, accepting gradual evolvement, visualizing your spirit on your spiritual path, 4th chakra clearing, removing energy chords with gold wax technique, gold bottle brush technique, gold suns. 1hr 7min