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Meditation recordings by Janet Wright - Free to Download

This is page 3 of 3 where you can download my audio meditation recordings- for free!

Starting May 2017 I made ALL my audio guided meditation recordings free, so be sure to visit the other two download pages in this Free Meditations menu here on this site for many more meditation recordings that are now free.

Meditation recordings created July 2014 through all of 2015 can be downloaded here, that until May 2017 were $5 each. The length of recordings on this page will vary, some 1 hour, some around 30 minutes, some 15 minutes, and the shortest one 9 minutes. Most of the 1hr ones on this page are recordings of live meditation energy healing webinars (lots of teaching & technique, upbeat tone, attendee Q & A) done in 2014, except the Releasing Repressed Emotion & Fear which is a mellow focused guided meditation. Many of the half hour and shorter ones are mellow focused guided meditations, not recordings of live webinars. For those who originally bought & downloaded most of these in a package, you may not yet have the last three on the page so scroll down and check.

The newer/ private recordings (lower on this page) are offered three ways
• with no background
• with rainforest birds background sound
• with calming ocean waves background sound

Please download any recordings you wish for free. Downloading means you follow instructions below and put it on your computer, into your iTunes or Windows Media Player. If you just click and listen that is NOT downloading. Click and listen is live streaming which is too taxing for the servers I use. You need to download to help me, and also to help yourself as it means you would then have the recordings forever in your iTunes or Windows Media Player. If you only click and listen you may someday loose access to these files. Email me if you have questions.

For the Confidence meditation and the Emotional Gardening meditation, I recommend undivided attention and focus. Stretching at the same time would still count, but please do not drive when you hear the Confidence meditation or the Emotional Gardening meditation, especially for the first time. Those meditations are too deep. They are only 15 min each. The Confidence meditation is great for motivated beginners and advanced meditators alike who want to heal their inner child for various practical confidence- building reasons. Emotional Gardening may be too ambitious for those who are not very motivated and experienced in clearing emotion. Use your intuition.

The Grounding In-Depth recording was originally released as a 27+ min recording but was edited down to a 23 min version- better but with the same content. If you have the 27+ version feel free to delete that and download the 23 min version here.

In general you can download then listen to the recordings as a focused seated meditation, or also while stretching, working out, while on a walk, or while doing household tasks. Giving a meditation your undivided attention is always more effective, though half-listening especially on a regular basis can really help as well. You can put them on your desktop computer, then your iPad, iPod, or smartphone and take them anywhere with you.

To download RIGHT CLICK on the file
• then choose SAVE AS or SAVE LINK AS
• double check the destination on your computer
• click the SAVE button

If you have a mac laptop or mac mouse you may have to do control click, or option click in order to download/save to your computer.

May 2021 Inspire Session
Please only use this link to purchase if I have emailed you to say that you won the chance to purchase a May 2021 Inspire Session.
Purchase one. Note there are financial need rates in the drop down menu, if the standard rate is not affordable for you.

Sliding Scale- Choose Your Price
person receiving session

Feedback Webinar & Having Enough Time, Making time for wellness, grounding back of head, melting energy blocks, clearing whacks, creating affirmations, clearing 7th layer, healing 6th chakra, inner child. 1hr 7min
Good Morning Sunshine webinar, daily morning meditation for 30 min to help you wake up, bring in healing, inspiration and confidence, and start your day fresh, colors of grounding, 4th chakra healing, colors of 7th chakra. 30min
Feedback Webinar: 1st chakra Safety and Courage, worry vs. concern, clearing worry, driving safety, also 6th chakra non-judgement after conflict, healing 4th to clear loneliness or heartbreak, healing aura after a whack. 1hr 5min
Good Night Wrap Up 30 min: letting go of workday, being in the moment & playful for the evening, prepping for sleep, healing all 7 chakras. 32 min
Being Open to Positive Change, 4th & 5th chakras, Feedback webinar. 1hr 8min
Releasing Repressed Emotion & Fear, 2nd & 1st chakras, in-depth walkthrough so one can make way for increased emotional wellness, courage & abundance. 1hr
with rainforest bird sounds added
with ocean sounds added
Holiday & Birthday Detox: Healing from & releasing negative holiday experiences, Understanding Echo Days, meditation webinar 10/22/14 1hr 6min
7 chakra meditation/healing with visualization, hand healing, intention, affirmations for each chakra. Meditation recording created Sept 2014 in forest. 28min
with rainforest bird sounds added
with ocean sounds added
Driving Wellness- heal all 7 chakras. Be a more relaxed, alert, safe car driver or passenger or for public transportation. colors of grounding, all 7 chakras, angel healing. Of course do NOT meditate fully while driving, though meditation in a parked car could help. 27min
with rainforest bird sounds added
with ocean sounds added
Grounding in-depth 23min- to release old patterns & be open to positive change. earth energy up legs, unblocking 1st chakra, clearing energy blocks from grounding, healing from angels. 23min
with rainforest bird sounds added
with ocean sounds added
Confidence, increase overall or a unique type of confidence, heal your less-confident self, angel healing, grounding, combing thru miniature version of your space, sacred bridge to invite stuck part of you to present. a unique experience each time. 15min
with rainforest bird sounds added
with ocean sounds added
Emotional Gardening, imagine your emotional space as gardens that you can heal & restore, release repressed emotion, strengthen emotional boundaries w/parents, partner, friends, etc. deep yet approachable healing. 15min
with rainforest bird sounds added
with ocean sounds added
Beginner Version: Inspiring Day, clear stuck energy to have a more inspiring day today or tomorrow, grounding, imagine stuck energy as everyday objects, gold suns to call back energy, angel healing, affirmations. 9min.
with rainforest bird sounds added
with calming ocean waves added
Releasing Resentment, Betrayal, Conflict, grounding w/different colors, healing 4th & 7th chakras, affirmations, angel healing. new version. 27min
with rainforest bird sounds added
with ocean sounds added
Home Energy Clearing version 2 in 15min, clear whole home, individual rooms, diplomacy, closets, project areas, gold net technique, healing from higher self & angels. Version 2 is even shorter & more centering. Home Energy Clearing is a much more concise version of Spring Cleaning Part 1 from April 2014. 15min
with rainforest bird sounds added
with calming ocean wave sounds added