Since all my readings and energy healings are done remotely, I am happy to help people living all over the US and around the world. Summer 2016 we moved from Chicago, IL to Olympia, Washington which is south of Seattle, WA and north of Portland, OR. I was able to move over two thousand miles and keep all my same clients. Janet Wright I am making this change June 20 at 9:48am PDT…..just a test.

Janet Wright here making a test as I update my website, Thurs June 20 at 9:48am PDT .

All scheduling for individual sessions & group sessions is done by purchasing on my session payment page when they are available. Since now you get a session by buying it, you can obtain a Triplet group healing set any day, any time- even right now. In the past the individual sessions have sold out so fast that you need to note exactly the day and time the new month of sessions go up to buy before they sell out. Go to the session payment page to see day / time info which is listed on the right hand side and also in the section labeled "Inspire sessions."

My email:

If you are a new client that has just bought a session please email me to introduce yourself! :-) I'd LOVE to know how you found me, where you live- country / time zone. Also if you bought for someone else please let me know who they are to you, their first/last name, & their age if they are a child. Let me know if the person is a conscious or telepathic/spirit consent participant. For example if you got a triplet group healing for your wonderful husband, child, or parent who needs it but is not consciously open to it and won't know consciously, then let me know and I'll just ask his spirit if it's OK. Also please note that if you are new and buy a session, unless you email me first, the only email address I'll have to contact you is your paypal email. If that email is not the best for timely communication, please email to let me know. :-)

Please take your time reading this website to make sure that my specialty fits your needs and you understand what each session is.

I no longer publish my cell since all my work commutations is done by email. All my scheduling for sessions is accomplished just by buying on my session payment page.

Phone sessions ended August 31, 2017 after 16 years, in favor of newer exciting session types. AIR's & PDH's are being phased out and are all sold. I look forward to working with you in my new sessions.