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Psychic Sleep Clinic - Case #1, can't go back to sleep

Hi guys! Not being able to sleep or get back to sleep or sleep well is a big deal. In these psychic sleep clinic blog posts I will read various reading clients who post about their sleep issues. I can read a non-client too but they'd have to email me their first and last name since that really helps me to read someone. Here's Case #1, a fabulous client w/the nickname Kimmy. If you have sleep issues too or just want to sleep better I suggest you practice the tips here. You can practice sometime when you don't have to sleep to see if you can make yourself feel sleepy. That way you will have the techniques ready if you need them. If you can't sleep right now, first try the tips here without referring to my videos or pinterest page. This is because the less you're on the computer the better if you are trying to sleep. If that doesn't work then go ahead and try the videos.

Kimmy says:
Hi Janet- I am having trouble sleeping through the night the past week. I tend to wake up for a few hours between 2-4am-ish. I tried to lightly visualize *turning down the knob* on my kundalini under my 1st chakra, and cleaning out my 3rd chakra and aura, but it seems like perhaps it was too late at that point? Also, I tend to jump into a little fear during this time of night which seems to worsen the problem. Could this be an issue related to clearing the home? Are there other good meditations to use on your page regarding this problem? Thank you as always!

So Kimmy you probably already have my Home Energy Clearing v.2 15min meditation, or you got your angels to do an extra thorough clearing, since the energy of your apartment is not the issue, nor is the energy of your roommate the issue. Your apartment energy looks pretty reasonable around 2-4am. That is good that you try to imagine turning down/off your kundalini which you can imagine as a colored flame that starts below the 1st chakra at the base of the spine and runs up the spine. It can pop on and make you not be able to go back to sleep.
You know this plus you and I worked on your kundalini in a reading, but for others I have a webinar recording called Charisma & Kundalini which is basically a class on running and regulating one's kundalini energy.  It's over an hr long so it's under the Meditations menu, 1hr + meditation recordings. For those who prefer shorter you can listen to it in 15min increments or so. 

It's never too late to turn off your kundalini but you also have to undo the other wide-awake things going on in your space. So the next thing after kundalini is the
3rd chakra. The third chakra is where the ribs meet at the solar plexus. I have a healing video on the third chakra. If it's nice and unblocked then you can just calm it down with your intention and imagine it flowing but smaller and quieter with less flow so that you can sleep. Caffeine (or late night kundalini) opens up the third chakra and gets it spinning faster, so with your imagination you can do the opposite. Imagine it your favorite shade of yellow, unblock the front and back using gold light, then imagine calming it down so it's slower. The third chakra at fast speed makes you want to dance around (for example). At medium speed you can sit and work at a desk. With your third chakra spinning at a slow speed you want to sleep. The slower it gets the sleepier you should get.

Do this also with your
7th chakra in the top of your head. Imagine it your favorite shade of purple, unblock the front and back using gold light, then imagine calming it down so it's slower. When the 7th chakra spins too fast you feel overwhelmed. When it is at a moderate speed you an do work, focus, or sleep.

By the time you start feeling fear that means your
1st chakra at the base of your spine is probably also too fast as well. Imagine it your favorite shade of red, unblock the front and back using gold light, then imagine calming it down so it's slower. When the 1st is too fast you feel jumpy or nervous or phobic, when it's a more moderate speed you feel more at ease & safer, like you can keep your legs and body in one place. I have a healing video on the 1st chakra.

your grounding when you lie down ideally can be very big, as big as your whole aura. So you can imagine a very big grounding as wide as your whole aura, so 2 feet above your head, 2 feet to your left and right, 2 feet below your feet. This grounding can be like a big waterfall flowing downward. It would be most calming probably if you picked a slower moving color for your body's grounding, like red or orange. So imagine a big waterfall that comes up and grounds the back of all your chakras along your spine and grounds your whole aura. Imagine that this waterfall grounding carries down anything that is interfering with your sleep all the way down to the center of the earth.

Imagine a big gold sun above you melting away any blocked energy that is interfering with your sleep. Imagine this gold light also melts away energy chords that connect you to other people. (If Kimmy had a young child I'd say to keep the 1st chakra chord to a child 14yrs old or younger.) Kimmy the
melting energy chords is key because I think your spirit is chorded to certain creative colleagues you have, which keeps you from calming down your 7th, 3rd, and 1st enough and keeping the kundalini off for sleep. I have a video called Removing Energy Chords on youtube. Also Kimmy remind your spirit to only go where your angels say you should go in your sleep. Let your spirit body be guided by your angels. It looks like you are getting into social/creative situations in your sleep that are not peaceful enough, which then rev's up your physical body too.

So that's all for now. Hope that helps. Let me know.