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Spiritual Basics about Crossing over into Heaven

I love to get comments on my blog post (hint, hint). Today I got a comment from a client and blog reader. Her question was “What meditations would you recommend after the death of a loved one?” Beneath her comment I gave her some quick tips based on what I saw w/her energy. Beyond that, I think this is such a universal question that I am dedicating the next three blog posts to answering it. This first post covers the basic spiritual concepts around crossing over. These views are my own, based on reading thousands of people and their angels over the years. Also one disclaimer, I am not a medium, meaning my specialty is not to communicate with those crossed over. So if your main and only concern and focus is to get detailed proof that Heaven exists and that your loved one is in Heaven I’m not your reader. My specialty is personal growth of those here in the life. It is my intention that these posts may help you and others like you.

The spirit lives on
Death is only the death of the physical body. The spirit lives on. This is not just a nice-to-say little platitude, it is literal. The part of your spirit that leaves your body every night when your body sleeps is the same part of your spirit that will still be around once your body dies. This part of your spirit, or astral body, will cross over or go to heaven, which from all accounts I’ve heard from people now in heaven, feels great. I’ve heard various descriptions of crossing over, but my favorite is that it feels like a fun water slide that goes up. Others say it’s a lot like a peaceful upward escalator. Sometimes if the death is sudden, the experience of crossing over is very fast. The spirit is just suddenly aware of themselves in heaven, feeling 10% temporarily puzzled and 90% fantastic.

Divine Timing for crossing over is real
This means that if someone crossed over it was at a Divinely allowed time. One could view this like a freeway that has optional freeway exits along the way at certain times, and ultimately at a certain point has a definite non-optional end. This means that a person can take an “early exit” where they were just too tired or discouraged and consciously or subconsciously gave up so when a Divine Timing freeway exit came along at a pre-ordained time, they conferred w/their angels and took it. There’s no bad karma for taking an optional early exit, since it is part of Divine timing. Most people do not take early exits, and they keep going until the very end of their freeway, and that’s when they cross over. Everyone’s freeway is a different and unique length set up during life planning, and the optional exit ramps are also at pre-decided intervals. So if someone crosses over at 18 or at 88 it still could have been the very end of their respective freeways for that lifetime.

Everyone goes to Heaven
Yes, people of all temperaments, views and beliefs, even people who have harmed others cross over. Heaven is big enough for everyone, and everyone needs Divine help and healing to finish realizing the lessons of their recent life, to experience learning and growing further in Heaven, and to plan and prepare for their next lifetime. When someone gets to Heaven any dark or destructive energy they got mixed up with in the life is lifted from them and they are made whole again so they can make the most of being in Heaven. The making-whole process may take a while depending on the state of their energy towards the end of their life. Learning lessons that were unfinished at the end of the lifetime are preserved so the person can complete them in a future lifetime when they are ready.

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