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Sports and Chakras: Daniel Sturrige very present on soccer field

I was surfing the internet and found a video of Dainel Sturrige and of course since I'm a psychic reader, I thought it'd be cool to read his energy in a blog post. He is a pro footballer (in the US we'd say soccer player) for the Premier League club Liverpool and the England national team. Though I haven't played soccer since I was a little girl in camp, I enjoyed reading his energy as he played. At around the age of 6 or 7, I had a crush on a kid named Micah who could get the ball past me just as easily as Daniel Sturrige gets the ball past the other pro players.

Watching the video I noticed Daniel is super super grounded, so much so that to watch his energy it's like the earth just has this fast moving bump of earth energy that ripples around the soccer field wherever he is standing. His first chakra and first layer have so much of his energy he seems fearless and he's so rooted like the old kids' toy a weeble, he doesn't seem to loose his balance much. Then he really uses his 7th chakra in the top of his head to intuit everything he needs, positions of the other players, even how easy each player is to evade. You'd think he really uses his 3rd since that's physical exertion and he does but more so uses his 4th which is enthusiasm to which he also brings playfulness. He is like a strong joy-power elf running around the field. :-) Like all great athletes he's in all 7 of his chakras when playing, but since he uses his 7th and his 4th and 1st chakras the most the 7th, 4th, and 1st layers of his aura are extra wide and vivid. I noticed at least in the video he's usually very non-resistant which means others' have a lot of trouble chording or manipulating his energy, and you can just see all the players of the other team around him leaking out resistance and frustration as he sails on by them with the ball.

So you could enjoy watching the video, and maybe do a Daniel Sturrige move as you are driving through rush hour crowds or steering your cart through crowded aisles at Costco or Trader Joe's. Be in non-resistance so you can glide past people, be super grounded so that your aura has as much earth energy as it can, and use your intuition so you can get to your goal. Plus open your heart to a little more playfulness so you can enjoy yourself and maybe do a little silly dance like he does at the end of your day. :-) Here's a
Daniel Sturrige Dance Compilation video in case you need some silly celebration dance tips.

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Meditations, 11-30min will help you with your chakras and grounding so you can be more like Daniel Sturrige. :-) If you know soccer/football but not chakras, you can start with my youtube videos Psychic Chakras 101 and Psychic Chakras 201.
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