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Meditation Question: Is it OK to meditate in public?

This is a question posted by a client onto my YouTube grounding walkthrough video called Psychic Healing Grounding Meditation- Part 1. I posted a short reply to her there on youtube. Since it’s such a frequently asked question, I thought I’d answer it more fully here in the hopes that more people see it.

Here’s her question:
Hi Janet. Is it ok/safe to do grounding or healing chakras/aura in public (eg. on the bus/plane or somewhere else where there are other people around you)? Many thanks :-)

My reply:
Yes it can be safe, useful, and practical to do some level of grounding and self-healing in public, though there are a few tips to consider. By “in public” I mean anywhere not inside your own home, so in your car, at work, in a coffee shop, on the train, walking downtown, in a gym, in a workplace, etc.

Energy Safety tips when working your energy- meditating, grounding, or healing your chakras & aura in public:
1. With your mind ask your angels to help you to be fully safe on all levels as you work your energy.

2. While in public, do energy work that helps you to be more present, such as grounding or basic energy healing on your chakras or aura. When you are more present your body will sponge up energy from the people & environment less. In other words do not do a meditation in public that makes you tune out or feel sleepy. When you tune out or feel sleepy or distracted your spirit is “popping out of or leaving your body.” This is what sleep is for, so when in public try to tune IN, and be present. This way you are more “you” and you sponge up energy from your environment and other people much less. If you want more info & video suggestions on being present in public you can check out my next blog post
Spirituality Question: Can’t I tune out when I’m at work?

meditations to do while in public, I’d say try all of my YouTube videos & any of my meditation recordings except three that I would save for home. The three recordings to save for home are the Confidence meditation 15min, Emotional Gardening 15min, and Deep Thought Webinar 1hr+. Once you practice with a video or meditation recording you can create mini versions that you walk yourself through that can fit into the little minute you have here and there. For specific suggestions you could post a specific question below, or check out the blog post I did called Grounding & Meditation During Vacation & Travel.

Realistic New Year's Resolutions, Meditation, Etc.

So what are the best personal growth New Year’s Resolutions? The best or most effective New Year’s Resolutions are realistic and paired with non-judgement and a little creativity so you can regroup if and when your determination fades. Late December and all of January and even February to a lesser extent have a group optimism about personal growth and change which can be uplifting and make it easier for someone to get motivated to change. I discuss how to be realistic with your goals and resolutions further down in this post. Whether you like New Year’s Resolutions, or prefer just to make personal growth goals and not attach them to a specific year, having growth goals can be very helpful. My Make a List page lists sample personal growth goals you might like. Personally I just do ongoing personal growth goals, but I do really like feeling the mass optimism pro-change energy that comes with New Year’s and January each year.


Is your New Year’s Resolution to meditate every day, or more often? Meditation is one way to give yourself your own motivation and momentum. If you wanted to get yourself comfortable with short regular meditations then you’d have an extra tool to inspire you when the rest of the world goes back to life as usual in February or March. Of course I have a lot of very approachable personal growth meditations here on my site under the Meditations menu. The most popular are my shorter meditations. The shortest is 9 minutes long and the longest are 1hr+.

Of course you can have all sorts of New Years Resolutions other than meditation, but actually meditation can help with those too. For example I used my 15 min Confidence meditation for “confidence in making soup” about five or six times to get myself over a three year slump of letting my crock pot gather dust. I used the Confidence meditation for “confidence in working out” so that my awful childhood gym experiences didn’t get in the way of me using our home exercise machine regularly now. Clients have used the Confidence meditation for confidence in moving across country, confidence in an upcoming interview, etc. Clients use the Peace Now 12 min meditation to help with peace of mind, and the 7 Chakras Meditation/Healing 28 min meditation to help with being more present overall. The Home Energy Clearing version 2, 15min meditation is great for energy clearing your home, and sometimes even helps make it easier to physically clean your home too. All my meditations have descriptions posted plus there is a discussion page about my meditation recordings too.

Also of course another tool to find inspiration is getting a phone reading with me. I am a personal growth psychic reader & healer, so I specialize in helping people with their personal growth goals year round. We can look at your goals, how you’re doing with them, if/how you are stuck, what to do about it, etc. For more info on my readings you can see the menu Phone Readings on this site.

So how can you be realistic about your New Year’s Resolutions? Be prepared to learn more about yourself, nurture yourself, heal and recenter if you are not making consistent progress. One metaphor the angels often show me when I read a client is to try to imagine being a really nice 2nd grade teacher to yourself- patient, encouraging, understanding, supportive. Give yourself a gold star for trying, tell yourself you can try again tomorrow, and even be prepared to down-size to a smaller goal if you get too stuck on your initial goal or resolution. The mean-teacher way of self-motivating usually does not work, since you may be/become stuck due to being overwhelmed and an angry judgmental push-push attitude towards yourself could just make things worse. Also be ready to get help if you are totally unable to change. You are not alone, and you may just need a little professional help from someone like me to get you moving forward. Becoming self-motivated is wonderful but remember you can get help with that in the meantime.

Of course your angels can always help you - for free of course! You could try an affirmation like “I am open to Divine Assistance. I will let my angels help and guide me today, and tonight in my sleep.” Affirmations are like micro-meditations, and generally a little more effective if you are more present when you say them. So connect with your body, wiggle your toes & feel that, and send the idea of this affirmation to every cell of your body, and your whole energy system including the energy bubble around you called your aura. Many people think upwards when they think of angels, which makes them less body-connected or less present. Your angels are around you so no need to think upwards. If you tried my two grounding videos on youtube then you could also ground yourself as you think of your affirmation.

No money? I have at this point about 42 free videos on my youtube channel Janet Wright Readings where you can learn about your energy, learn how to ground and center and heal your chakras, aura, etc. You can start with my two grounding videos. This would help you to feel better and be more at your best. Also I have free meditation recordings here on my website. The Self-Acceptance 16min recording or the Peace Now 12 min recording are great starter meditations that are free to download here on my site under Meditation, Free Meditation Recordings.

Do you have any questions or comments about New Year’s Resolutions in general, or a specific goal or resolution? Do you create New Year’s Resolutions or just make ongoing personal growth goals? Have you ever felt that wave of mass positivity in January? Post your feedback, questions, or comments here and I will post a reply. You can post anonymously too.


Self-Healing Tips to Lighten & Process Grief More Effectively

OK so here’s post 3 of 3 about crossing over, Heaven, boundaries with others who are grieving, and self-healing throughout the process. This post is where I break it down on what is grief from a psychic point of view, and how to heal yourself to clear grief. I link to a helpful video playlist of mine, and end with affirmations to help heal grief. Naturally this post makes way more sense if you read the two posts that came immediately before this first.

What is grief, anyway? My literal spiritual definition or description of grief energy:
Well since this is post 3 of 3 on grief, it’s probably high time I define what I see grief as in the energy system. Grief is the stuck energy in one’s energetic space- chakras, aura, and grounding, that is left over from experiencing one’s loved one cross over. If you want me to define what are chakras and what is the aura you can refer to my new glossary of spiritual & psychic terms. While it can be all chakras, it’s mostly 4th chakra, 2nd chakra, and grounding. I’ll explain more on that further down. A loved one can be human or even a much loved animal or pet, and it can be from this lifetime or from a past life where a loved one crossed over in a past life. Also like most energy things, early experiences you have not fully healed from or processed/released add up. For example let’s say Jack has some grief. His dad just passed away a year ago, so on the surface all the grief Jack feels is from that. However he did have a best friend pass away when he was in high school, and also his dog passed away when he was only 5 years old. Then in various past lives he’s had people close to him pass away, parents, siblings, pets, friends, spouses, children, you name it. His wellness and emotional presence in a lifetime would help to determine whether or not he would fully clear the grief within that lifetime. So if he was less flowing and present that lifetime he would stay relatively more stuck with his grief and it would carry forward as something to evolve beyond in a future life. This is how unprocessed grief from earlier in this life or even from past lives makes it more challenging for you to handle new grief-causing experiences. Put another way, new grief-causing experiences trigger old repressed unresolved grief. But don’t worry, self-healing can fix it and make everything lighter and easier. Jack can heal himself and have a much happier life! In another example, even Jack’s friend Jill could be helped by clearing grief that is unresolved from past lives. Jill is pretty zen about grief situations in this life, but even she has a bunch of past life grief she doesn’t know about. If Jill clears her past life grief through intention and self-healing, it will free up a bunch of her energy, and therefore help her with her focus, clarity, intuition, and fulfillment in this life.

Doesn’t my grief prove I loved my parent/friend/child? Shouldn’t I keep my grief? I heard that it never goes away. (nope)
Many people think that grief is always hard to get through and it’s because we loved the person who crossed over soooooo much. Some people even think it’s some form of devotion to their loved one that makes the grief hurt so much and last so long. Yes grief needs to be acknowledged and accepted as part of the healing process, and it’s good to be patient, nurturing, and nonjudgmental with yourself, but beyond that no one benefits from all your grief lasting so long. Your loved one is AOK getting the healing and counsel and rest that they need in Heaven. They are fine. Even your dog/cat who crossed over is fine too. They go to Heaven, get healed, then visit you as what I like to call your angel-dog or angel-cat, and still like to sleep by your feet, hang out with your new pets, and follow you into the kitchen. For you here in the lifetime of course healing and clearing grief takes time, but all your loved ones in Heaven would like you to be fine ASAP. In family/people situations they usually don’t even care about their estate anymore, so who gets what is the last thing on their minds. Being in Heaven elevates your consciousness, and the life review process they get in Heaven deepens their understanding of the big picture. Now that they are in Heaven, they want you to heal and enjoy yourselves, often more than they did in their lives. As one mom in heaven put it as I read her daughter, “I want you to be the way I didn’t teach you to be, but now I wish I had. I want you to live your own life, to balance and heal yourself, not to rush or worry so much, to figure out and do what really makes you happy.”

Grief builds up most in the 4th (heart) chakra, the 2nd chakra, and grounding. For now I suggest using some combination of my YouTube videos, guided meditation recordings from here on my website, and also affirmations you say yourself. Here is the youtube playlist I just put together of all my relevant self-healing videos called Grief: Heal your 4th chakra, 2nd chakra, & grounding to help clear grief & sadness. NOTE: I am happy in the videos so only watch if that’s OK. Most of the videos in the playlist were not made expressly for clearing grief but they can work well for it. There is a video about crossing over in the playlist too. Coming within a month I hope is a new $5, 20min guided meditation recording that incapsulates all this healing into one recording made specifically to clear grief. The angels bumped it up on my to-do list. Sooooooo when that is ready in a month or so I will write a blog post to announce it which will be linked here.

If it were only you going through this process of having your loved one cross over, you’d need extra healing for your

  • 4th chakra (self-love, self-nurturing, love, enthusiasm, passion)
  • 2nd chakra (emotions, sensuality, sexuality)
  • grounding (letting go, releasing down to the center of the earth, stabilizes & comforts)

Since it’s not just you and you will know others grieving at the same time, or know others who know of and respond to your grief process, you will also need to add
  • clearing energy whacks (damage to aura & possibly chakras caused by thrown energy, also defined in my glossary of spiritual & psychic terms)
  • clearing energy chords (draining or manipulative energy connections)
  • practicing giving cleanly, or calling your unique life force energy back.

So once again, here is the youtube playlist I just put together of all my relevant self-healing videos called Grief: Heal your 4th chakra, 2nd chakra, & grounding to help clear grief & sadness. It covers all the bullet point items above, so helping with your grief and also with your boundaries and energetic safety with others throughout the process.

Affirmations to help process, clear, or move through grief
Affirmations can work as mini-meditations particularly if when you say them in your mind you try to be very present. To get more present you could stretch you could feel your breath, and feel your toes wiggle, and re-do your grounding before saying an affirmation. Ideally you want to be very present and imagine the idea of the affirmation as a healing for your body, mind, and spirit.

Angels please help me to learn what I am meant to learn in a gentle way throughout this experience.

I am fully open to Divine assistance.

Angels help me to make time for the rest and self-healing that I need at this time.

I will let my angels help, guide, and protect me today, and also tonight in my sleep.

Angels, help me to learn to have healthy & strong energy boundaries with my family & friends throughout this experience.

Here’s a multi-sentence affirmation to help with clearing or moving through grief. Edit or shorten as you wish.
I am an eternal spirit.
I have experienced and cleared grief many many times in many lifetimes.
I am open to using my inner eternal wisdom, subconsciously & consciously.
I am never alone.
I am fully open to Divine assistance on all levels.
I can do this.

OK so that’s it! I hope it helps. Please feel free to let me know what this post means to you, or any follow questions or comments you have. Posting anonymously is easy and welcome.

A Meditation to Clear & Heal the Energy of Your Home

Being able to clear and heal the energy of your own home regularly is one of the most empowering things you can do. Whether you rent or own, whether you live solo or with family or roommates, by clearing the home energy you can make your home a more gentle, safe, welcoming, and inspiring place. This is why I have made so many guided meditations to walk you through how to do this.

Home Energy Clearing Meditation ver 2, which I just released this month June 2015, is actually the fourth meditation I’ve made for this- the latest and greatest so to speak. It’s only 15 minutes long, which also makes it the shortest meditation I’ve made to transform the energy of your home. Since Home Energy Clearing Meditation version 2 is 15minutes long, it is available for $5 on this page 11-30 minute Meditations.

Many people have time challenges and also inner resistance towards making time for meditation, so I did my best to pack lots of goodness in just 15 minutes for Home Energy Clearing version 2. It’s short but also potent. Here are the benefits people have experienced with these meditations.
  • Children may sleep better
  • Adults may sleep better
  • increased ability to organize
  • increased ability to give away possessions
  • less resistance towards physical house cleaning
  • greater feelings of big picture happiness like “I like my/our life”
  • increased ability to focus on completing tasks in the home
  • greater feeling of positive solitude instead of loneliness or invasive relatives
  • greater openness to positive change
Essentially by clearing the energy of your home it’s easier to be present and well in your home. For those of you new to meditation, some of the benefits I listed may show up with just one use of the meditation, but others would require more uses of the meditation over time. Why is clearing the energy of one’s home so necessary? It’s because imbalanced energy such as your sadness or stress, your neighbor’s anger, your spouse’s worry, even mental energy left by a former houseguest could be accidentally left in a room or part of a room, which affects everyone in the home. This energy can build up for years, and can even be around from previous tenants- but it’s simple enough to clear it so why not! You can use this meditation when you are in the home but also you could do it from anywhere.

Young children are especially sensitive to the energy of their home. They are too young to have solid spiritual boundaries, so they are like big sponges towards their parents and also towards any energy in their home. Very young children also have very obvious symptoms when they are bothered, such as screaming and crying instead of sleeping, acting out in school, etc. This is why my clients that are parents have been some of the most motivated to use these home energy clearing meditations. As an adult your home may not make you scream and cry, but you would likely have more inner smiles, peace, and productivity when the energy of your home is safe and flowing and grounded.

So this is the fourth meditation? It’s version 2, so what are the two others? In early 2014 I made Spring Cleaning Part 1 & 2 recordings which are recordings of live webinars I did. Each is over 1hr and are still available on this page 1 hour Meditations for $5 each. If you are really gung ho and time is no issue, then Spring Cleaning 2 still has some elements that did not make it into Home Energy Clearing ver 2 regarding clearing emotions & fear to clear clutter so it’s still worthwhile.

Of course ideally you would heal your own energy regularly, and also the energy of your home somewhat regularly. This Home Energy Clearing version 2 meditation makes that easier as it combines both self-healing and personal grounding, and grounding & healing or clearing the energy of your home. That way on the day that you want to heal your home you and yourself, if your time for meditation is very limited, you could just do one meditation for both!

Any questions or comments about this post or this meditation? Go ahead and share them as comments below. Any suggestions for future posts can also go below. If you prefer to post your comment anonymously it’s possible. Just make up a name and email address.


Grounding & Meditation During Vacation Travel

Traveling somewhere for vacation is supposed to be a treat. Often we have high expectations and think it will magically melt away all our built-up stress, but sometimes it can be very challenging energetically. I recommend you find time for your meditation work before, during, and after when you are vacationing so you can be most able to live it up and enjoy! Since energy often is triggered early, meditating days and even weeks before a trip could really help clear you and make the trip easier for you. In a nutshell- think grounding. Especially when traveling, redoing your grounding multiple times during a day is a great idea. So even if it's a minute here, 20 seconds there, imagine your grounding nice and wide, as wide as your whole aura, flowing all the way down to the center of the earth. This can be calming and centering as it helps you to release energy that is not yours.

I have a Grounding Part 1 & Grounding Part 2 video on youtube you could watch to learn all about grounding. My Grounding Part 1 video you can watch over and over as the first six minutes is a very restorative grounding walkthrough. My Grounding Part 2 video has grounding diagrams and examples.

Any new environment, even going to a grocery store, can greatly affect your grounding. Travel and vacations often involve many changes of environment, which therefore can affect the grounding of you and those around you. Grounding connects you to the center of the earth. Of course the center of the earth is the same, but the surface of the earth can vary greatly. For example if you are in a big forest there is so much earth energy even in the air all around you. With so much ambient earth energy it’s really automatic for anyone to be very grounded. On the other hand, if you are in an airport, on a plane, in a museum, a hotel lobby, or are traveling to a major city there may be relatively little ambient earth energy around, so the average person will be much less grounded and present.

With mindfulness, you can be very grounded anywhere, even in a plane. It just may take a few moments of your conscious intention and awareness to imagine and re-create a strong downward flowing grounding. Since those around you probably won’t be consciously aware of their grounding you need to understand that they may have abrupt mood shifts or energy level shifts during the trip as they are affected by the environment and become ungrounded. You cannot control how your travel companions feel, but you can work to ensure you are as present as possible during your trip so that you can make the most of it.

My audio meditation recordings are very convenient for travel, since once you get them from your desktop computer to your smartphone you can take them anywhere on your phone. So unless you will travel with a laptop, plan ahead. Buy them and download them and get them onto your phone before your trip so they are all set on your phone for you. All the meditation recordings I list below are available for purchase here on my site for $5 each.

My top TRAVEL meditation picks for summer 2015:
Shorter travel meditation choice: My meditation recording Beginner Version: Inspiring Day Meditation is only 9 minutes long. That'd be extra cool to try when traveling too because it could help to reset your mood and outlook. This may help you be less affected by mood shifts of those around you, as it empowers you so you can change your inner state to change how you feel.

Longer travel meditation choice: My Grounding In-Depth 23 min recording could be really interesting to use before, during, or after travel since it also talks about being open to change & releasing old patterns. This could help you be open to the transformative potential of travel. Also since it has a lot of grounding and 1st chakra healing with it, it could help for if you are traveling with young children. They are connected to your 1st chakra so the more safe your 1st chakra is, it could help to calm them.

Longest travel meditation choice: My 7 Chakras Meditation/ Healing recording is 28min. It walks you through healing all 7 major chakras from 7 down to 1, and also includes affirmations for each chakra. Since with this recording you heal all your major chakras, this could be fascinating to do when you are in a place that is very different than your normal surroundings. For example if you have the opportunity to meditate in natural outdoor setting, or even just in your hotel room in different country it could help you create a kind of spiritual milestone for yourself, where you are extra open to change and healing.

Transportation Phobias: If you have phobias or stress about traveling in cars or busses or planes, I created the Driving Wellness Meditation which is 27 minutes. It also goes through all 7 chakras but is tailored to help you clear transportation stress or phobias.

So thanks to my various clients whose traveling has inspired this blog post! Please leave your comments, questions, & suggestions for future posts below. Bon voyage everyone!

Meditation Question: How can I visualize gold energy?

Hello everyone! This is the very first blog post of this blog, which is dedicated to meditation, personal growth, self-healing, etc.! :-) I want to invite everyone to send me any question you have that you'd like answered here. You can post your questions & comments below.

So the other day a new phone reading client who had been meditating with my meditations on and off for a few weeks asked me "In your meditations you often mention using gold healing energy. I am having trouble visualizing the color gold." Well first of all, good for you for being able to visualize any color at all! I started meditating in college, 1988-1992, which makes me 45 now to spare you the math! Back then all I could see was the color black, everywhere. No forms or shapes- nothing. I don't think I expected to see anything anyway, and was just meditating to feel better and since it worked for that I stuck with it.

Then a few years later when I heard about visualizing your energy and that all energy had color, I still could only see black with no form or shape. I kept meditating and eventually I could see black with some form and shape, then some bits of color. I learned that energy that is a gold color/vibration helps one to let go and heal. I wanted to visualize the color gold when I was meditating too, even though it's not actually necessary. If you create gold healing energy with your intention then you really did it, regardless of how well you can see it. Creating is what you do with your intention or thought; visualizing is more of a fun confidence-boosting extra where you can watch what you are doing. That is why in my meditations I try to say many versions such as "create, imagine, or visualize" since it all works.

visualization aid, test tube of gold leaf and water
So back to my early 20's when I was definitely wanting to visualize gold energy, but couldn't do it at all. What helped me was to buy a little test tube with gold leaf suspended in water, and hold it or keep it visible when I meditated. Every once in a while I'd open my eyes and stare at the gold color, then close my eyes and try to see it in my mind. I remember doing this over and over. It took time but it did help me to be able to visualize the color gold, at first for just a few seconds. If you are in the Chicago area you can get gold leaf in a little glass ball or test tube at Dave's Rock Shop in Evanston, IL.

gold glitter on locations of hand and finger chakras
Now I have four cats that love knocking things down, so I also have a plastic little container of gold glitter, which I hope can survive a fall more easily. I keep it on my desk because it's still helpful and fun for me to see and hold a visual example of the color gold. In this photo I show with glitter where the hand chakra is in the palm of each hand, and also fingertip chakras in the tip of each finger!

Hope this helps and keep the questions and comments coming! If you want to comment only as a guest, type your comment in the comment line, put in a fun name or your name & any email at all, then check the box for I'd rather comment as guest. I review all comments before they are posted.