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Releasing Past Life Burdens Making This Life Harder

Hi guys! So this is a quick update about something the angels have helped me to do more of recently. The last blog post talked about how I am encouraging clients who need energy healings during their readings to know it’s an option. This post explains a specific type of deeper healing I have been doing with some clients I call releasing past life burdens. It is done one burden at a time. I read the lifetime it is from, what gender they were, relevant details of their life, how the client got stuck back then- for example a considerable level of guilt, sadness, anger, or fear that did not clear, & why. Then I help the client to clear the blocked energy, or burden with energy healing. Generally when I am reading the past life it’s a little intense for the client, but once I start the healing part & after releasing a past life burden the client feels lighter, possibly calmer, relieved. It’s like having a burden lifted you sort of felt all along but couldn’t be clear about but now you know the source of it and also now it’s gone & you feel better. Sometimes the client feels more introspective afterwards, or like having a good nap. In the days following any deeper healing it’s good to be more self-nurturing, for example taking epsom salt baths.

Depending on the client we could release 2-4 past life burdens in one reading. The more the client is in a robust state generally, the more they already meditate, the more we would do in one reading. If the person has been in a more delicate state recently and/or does not already meditate then we’d only do 2 in a reading. Then we finish up with sort of a palate cleanser by me reading a past life they had where they were very happy in some way that would be a comforting contrast, a nice way to end the reading.

So how do you know if you need a healing with me where I help you release past life burdens? Well I think it’s the type of thing that would benefit anyone. We all have lifetimes were we have some unresolved issues we were stuck about through the end of the lifetime, and those carry forward as homework for a future lifetime. A releasing past life burdens healing could be particularly key for people who feel their life is harder than it should be. For anyone it’s the type of thing that could be tried in one reading or it could be a recurring reading list item, so you could have it be a part of several reading sessions over time.

Want an energy healing as part of your reading?

I recently had a phone reading session with a client that opened up my eyes. My client, whom I have read a few times and who also recently referred a family member, said she’d been avoiding getting readings for a while, close to a year. Finally her angels nudged her to sign up for a September and an October appointment, since I doubled my appointments and it’s much easier to get an appointment with me now. So it turns out she has been so exhausted and her energy feels so heavy that she hasn’t felt able to work in any of the personal growth changes and self care that she wants to make/do in her life.
“janetSometimes you just need an energy healing….
She felt like she knows what the “homework” would be if she got a reading with me, and knows she wouldn’t be able to do it. Well thanks to her angels I knew that she just needed a healing for her chakras & aura, a pretty in-depth one for all of her chakras (energy centers) of both her physical body and her astral/energy body. I read her and explained what I was doing as I healed her. I explained what she was releasing as she released it. I think this was her first time getting a remote or distance energy healing, but she found it soothing and relaxing and it made sense to her. She even went for the extra half hour so it was a 1.5 hour phone reading/healing session. It turns out she really needed it, and it went pretty deep and she released some energy that was blocking her inspiration, blocking her peace of mind, and even blocking her from feeling like a given day could be a good day. She had chakra damage that was making it more likely that she would be drained through energy chords by the people in her life. The energy in the top of her aura was so compressed it was causing her to not want to get up in the morning, even though she already believes in positive thinking and empowerment.

One healing can’t fix someone’s whole life, but I am definitely looking forward to working with her again in a month to see what more help she needs and if she was able to feel some relief yet in her daily life. The idea would be to help her heal enough so that her spirit regains its natural ability to bring in inspiration and motivation so she can take small regular positive action on her own. I usually help people to find baby step self-healing methods that work and can be used despite their exhaustion, but if you are too exhausted even for that, then it may be time for an energy healing as part of your next reading.

Since I generally teach people how to heal themselves, she didn’t realize that getting an energy healing from me was an option in her phone reading. So I just added two more list items to the Make a List topic suggestion page I have to make that more clear for everyone. YES you can always get an energy healing as part of your psychic reading with me. You can just put “get an energy healing” on your reading list, along with your other topics, issues, questions, or goals for the reading.