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Healthy Heroes- How to admire in a healthy way, fame & boundaries

So is it OK to have people you admire, or are there situations where that is unhealthy? Yes and YES. This blog post will explain the energy of all that, when admiration is unhealthy and how to keep it healthy and empowering. It's sort of a light wandering ramble, so I hope you enjoy the journey. If you are in the mood for short & to the point, this post is not it. It was inspired by a wonderful client Pooja who commented on my Daniel Sturrige blog post.

Pooja asked:
Hi Janet, I have a bit of a weird question. Is there a way of adopting someone's energy... in a positive way. Like if you admire someone's social skills but know you are lacking and you try to emulate that person. Or from this sports example, if you can imbibe some of Sturrige's energy? Can some energy work help here? Or is that not something that is right or even done?

My reply is:
The healthy version of this, to be inspired by someone, can be done if you have a very healthy and flowing 4th chakra.  Here is my
video playlist about healing your 4th chakra. Then you just see- "Hey he customized his energy for what he wanted to do without even knowing about chakras.  I want to be my best and focus on what qualities I need and customize my energy to be my best with my knowledge of grounding & chakras, physical activity, affirmations, etc.  I will work to be both determined and playful, to be focused but also not take everything too seriously."  Then your attention would go to your goals, your daily habits, your journal, writing down your affirmations, your play, getting back your unique energy, etc.
On the other hand the
unhealthy version of it would be with a less flowing 4th chakra to spend excess energy and thoughts on how he does it, lost in admiration or possibly some envy or jealousy.  This would uncenter you and could get some of your energy in or around his space, and when your energy joins with others doing the same thing it could burden him.  If you find yourself more tending towards envy or low self-esteem I have a free 12min Self-Acceptance meditation that can be downloaded from my free meditations page, or once again my video playlist on the 4th chakra healing. I actually thought about this when I wrote about him.  I double checked with the angels that it was OK to write about his energy, & kept the discussion to his public professional life.  This is how sometimes being in the public eye can be a burden, because people with less flowing 4th chakras often have an invasive curiosity, and the fans in their space become a literal stress on the person they admire.  This is why many celebrities highly value their privacy while still loving their public careers, because in their private time they are trying to get everyone out of their space to feel like themselves again. They are good at their career which is how they got famous. They may even need to remain in the limelight to maintain their position or career, but they may not have the extra strong energy boundaries with others that they suddenly need.

A very tiny version of this happens to me. I am by no means a celebrity or even famous. Maybe I'm micro-famous ;-) but because my skills of hearing angels and clairvoyant reading are an uncommon career path and not so developed in so many others, it does inspire some admiration and even an invasive curiosity. I usually find some of the clients who are impressed by my work hanging out in my energy, in a confused way trying to rethink their last reading or wait for their next reading. This stalls their growth and can burden me. Fortunately part of the reason I'm micro-famous (OK love that term) is because I am good at teaching how to have strong energy boundaries, so I use my own videos, recordings, and techniques I teach to wash people out of my space & to feel better. :-) This is though why before I could only do 10 readings a week, and now only 15 readings a week. On the other hand since I'm basically teaching people how to need me less and less over time, to make a consistent 15 readings a week I still definitely request & appreciate new referrals. I just ask that the referrals be kind-hearted people. :-) Ultimately referrals & video thumbs up & reviews mean more people learn to heal themselves which is crazy good karma for everyone. Plus vehicles like videos and meditations can be used by countless people to create positive change and the angels can just give me extra boundaries protection. The angels make sure there's zero burden to me if tons of people use my meditation recordings and videos each day. They help to make it just a vehicle they can use on their own path. Sometimes angels will get someone to re-hear something I said in a reading in order to give the person a reminder and that is just the angels working with the person's memory so it is totally clean. It's very ironic.

So how do you admire anyone, including me, while being centered and healthy and moving forward? One way is to be very body connected. So you could do gentle stretching as you listen to your reading recording. Feeling the stretches would keep you present, so that you are opening up your own key inner reflective space and clearing energy.

Another way is to practice strong energy boundaries techniques with those you admire. Many only consider that they need strong energy boundaries with those they resist or dislike. So just like in my
strong energy boundaries video playlist you can use a gold sun to call back your unique energy from me and any current or previous mentors you have. You use the gold sun like a magnet and it brings back your energy and then cleans it off so you can shine it back on yourself. Also like in those videos, specifically the Removing Energy Chords video, you can imagine any energy chords that are between you and your mentors and melt them away with gold light, so that you can be inspired & learn only in a clean empowering way.

You can also use an affirmation like
"Angels help me to have clean, strong boundaries with those I admire. Help me to heal my own enthusiasm and motivation and move forward on my own path today." You can do all this with intention, or thought, so don't worry if you can't see energy chords or your angels. For spiritual change, vision is a fun extra you can develop over time, but all things happen also on the level of intention or thought. It does help if you are body-connected or present when you use affirmations, since manifesting requires a harmony between body-mind-and spirit so you could feel your toes wiggle, touch your fingers, or stretch, or as always imagine your own grounding. Here's a link to my grounding videos.


Spiruality Question: Can't I tune out when I'm at work?

Energy question: Can’t I tune out when I’m at work? I hate my job / boss / coworkers!

This is a question I often get in readings, when a client’s angels point out they are not present at work.

They just “go through the motions” and work while their spirit is above their body or even a little of their spirit is back home in bed, or in the future anticipating their weekend. This is NOT actually an effective stress reducing plan, and definitely NOT a way to create positive change. When your spirit is away your body misses your energy and sponges up what is around, so energy from your coworkers or workplace. So then your body carries around so much workplace energy that you think of your work the minute you wake up each morning, and you can’t seem to manifest something new and different. If you leave your job while still full of judgement and resentment and resistance, you may end up in a new job with many of the same patterns. In order to manifest something more positive and new, often you need to transcend your judgement and resistance, to get present, to clear your stuck energy. Often you are in a workplace to learn something on a spiritual level, and generally you will not be learning if you are stuck in judgement and zoned-out.

If you want to create positive change you need to tune IN more and more, to ground, and breathe, release your frustrations with grounding & healing or other centering actions in the moment. Use your mind, actions, and body-mind-spirit presence to change how you feel inside. Don’t let the external situation of your workplace control your mood. Learning how to use your sixth chakra to see others without judgement helps you have much stronger energy boundaries with them. Other ways to tune in include listening to or thinking of music you feel is energizing, or enjoying a tasty beverage, giving yourself a quick hand massage, wiggling your toes & feeling that, having a screen saver with inspiring photos, half-listening to meditation recordings during a commute or lunch hour, etc. For more about being present & how it helps watch my video
How to Be Present & in Your Body.

Stuck judging your coworkers / job / boss? To learn about your 6th chakra and non-judgement you can watch my video
Your 6th Chakra- Non-judgement of Others.

Super distracted or zoned-out at work? Grounding is great for helping you to stay tuned-in & present. If you don’t know how to ground consciously then you can learn with my videos
Psychic Grounding Part 1 & if you are a thinker and want to see what grounding is explained & diagrammed with lighthearted examples check out my video Psychic Grounding Part 2.


"What is he/she thinking?" How to re-center yourself within a relationship

I just did a reading with a return client, and her angels and she and I discussed some pretty interesting stuff about boundaries in relationships, and uncentering and centering thoughts. She’s a very loving person who highly values her relationships and wants to improve them when possible. In the reading we explored how she can “fence jump” and go into someone else’s energy field/mind. It’s not consciously on purpose but does happen within several key relationships she has. When she does that, she consciously thinks “What is he/she thinking?” about the other person. Sometimes this is when she is with a valued man in her life, who like many men gives less verbal cues and shows less emotion so the indicators as to how he is doing are not as obvious. Sometimes this is with females in her life who have heightened energy sensitivities, who can feel when/if she is in their space as an unwelcome intensity, who then back away, displaying less engagement and even reducing frequency of contact. Naturally this fence jumping is less respectful spiritually, and can make a sensitive person disengage even more, a non-verbal person even less communicative.

My client is used to mixing worry in with her feelings of love, which unfortunately leads to fence jumping. This is very common, and often this type of love mixed with a heavy dose of imbalancing worry is a learned habit passed down by example and shared environment from one generation to the next. I see it more often with women, though I have seen it with men whose mothers were big love/worry people.

Worry is caused by less grounding and also energy blocks with the 1st chakra at the base of the spine. The first chakra, when unblocked, generates courage, abundance, and feelings of and actual safety. When it is blocked one feels worried, jumpy, anxious, uneasy, sometimes even afraid.

Sometimes worry about what someone is thinking is also caused by a blocked 4th chakra. The fourth chakra is in the center of the chest and generates affinity, enthusiasm, self-esteem, and a positive glass-half-full, comforted feeling. When the fourth chakra is blocked one can feel lonely, betrayed or rejected. So not only is my client I just read (and many people) in a love/worry pattern which is more a 1st chakra issue, but also when people are less emotive and engaged, more withdrawn or non-verbal she feels subtle levels of loneliness and rejection- a 4th chakra issue.

So the good news is this like all other personal growth issues have simple fixes if you are dedicated to work on them over time. Here below is the homework the angels give for these issues, which you can do too! As you read through, feel free to pick and choose. Something is better than nothing, so if your motivation is low keep in mind that any little bit helps. For example my client’s motivation was probably more at a “medium” level & she does not usually meditate, so they only gave her about one-third of the homework below. Too much homework can be overwhelming. Think one step at a time.

When you are thinking “What is he/she thinking?” chances are you are not in your body and you have a very narrow and blocked grounding. To center yourself and become more present fast, you can take a deep breath, wiggle your toes, and imagine your spirit (you) coming back to your physical body. Imagine recreating your grounding. For grounding practice and basic info I have two grounding videos on youtube. I also have a 23 min grounding meditation called Grounding In-Depth which works your grounding, earth energy w/legs, and 1st chakra, found here on my site for $5 under Meditations, 11-30min. Also almost all my meditation recordings start with grounding and all are centering. You can double check the recording descriptions.

Gently redirect your thoughts
Mentally you can turn that question 180 degrees around towards yourself. Instead of “What is he/she thinking?” you can instead ask yourself “What am I feeling?” This gets you back over to your side of the fence, back out of their mind and into your space again. If you pair “What am I feeling” with some centering breathing, grounding, or stretching then it can help you discover and/or release any underlying feelings that led you to fence jumping in the first place. It could be that you feel unsatisfied in some way, possibly abandoned a little, or bored and once you realize it you can start to process and release those feelings, and think of activities or thoughts to help you to experience more adventure or enthusiasm for yourself. Often the baggage that makes you fence jump can be very old, say from childhood. In other words, the present situation triggers old baggage from long ago. Don’t be spacey and overthink it. Long and drawn out analysis is not necessary. Just get present and take some self-healing action, however small. Once we heal our inner issues more and more then having a less emotive or less verbal friend may be just fine. They can show companionship and closeness to you in their own way, and you won’t be anxiously holding your breath for them to do so.

Call back your life force/energy
If you feel you may have been fence jumping for years then there is a lot of your unique life force you may have left behind in the spaces of your loved ones. My youtube video Calling your energy back and giving cleanly gives you an easy techique you can do regularly to teach yourself to reverse your old habit. Essentially you create a gold sun and use it to call back your unique life force energy from one person or from everybody.

Clear worry/fear - 1st chakra
If the worry/love pattern is a big one for you then you can use my 1st chakra healing video on youtube which can help you to have less fear, anxiousness, jumpiness, etc. If you’ve never healed yourself with your hand chakras then you can first do my intro video to hand chakra healing. It’s simple to learn & only 4 minutes.

Heal your heart - 4th chakra
If you suspect that feelings of abandonment or loneliness are underneath this pattern, then my 4th chakra healing video on youtube is helpful. Again this does use your hands to heal so if that’s new to you start with the 4min intro video I linked immediately above. Also I have a free Self-Acceptance meditation recording that you can download which is 16minutes on my free meditation recordings page. That heals the 4th chakra too and since it’s an mp3 recording you can download it to your computer then your smartphone and take it with you anywhere.

So hope that helps! Any comments or feedback or questions please feel free to post below. You can post anonymously too.