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Self-Healing Tips to Lighten & Process Grief More Effectively

OK so here’s post 3 of 3 about crossing over, Heaven, boundaries with others who are grieving, and self-healing throughout the process. This post is where I break it down on what is grief from a psychic point of view, and how to heal yourself to clear grief. I link to a helpful video playlist of mine, and end with affirmations to help heal grief. Naturally this post makes way more sense if you read the two posts that came immediately before this first.

What is grief, anyway? My literal spiritual definition or description of grief energy:
Well since this is post 3 of 3 on grief, it’s probably high time I define what I see grief as in the energy system. Grief is the stuck energy in one’s energetic space- chakras, aura, and grounding, that is left over from experiencing one’s loved one cross over. If you want me to define what are chakras and what is the aura you can refer to my new glossary of spiritual & psychic terms. While it can be all chakras, it’s mostly 4th chakra, 2nd chakra, and grounding. I’ll explain more on that further down. A loved one can be human or even a much loved animal or pet, and it can be from this lifetime or from a past life where a loved one crossed over in a past life. Also like most energy things, early experiences you have not fully healed from or processed/released add up. For example let’s say Jack has some grief. His dad just passed away a year ago, so on the surface all the grief Jack feels is from that. However he did have a best friend pass away when he was in high school, and also his dog passed away when he was only 5 years old. Then in various past lives he’s had people close to him pass away, parents, siblings, pets, friends, spouses, children, you name it. His wellness and emotional presence in a lifetime would help to determine whether or not he would fully clear the grief within that lifetime. So if he was less flowing and present that lifetime he would stay relatively more stuck with his grief and it would carry forward as something to evolve beyond in a future life. This is how unprocessed grief from earlier in this life or even from past lives makes it more challenging for you to handle new grief-causing experiences. Put another way, new grief-causing experiences trigger old repressed unresolved grief. But don’t worry, self-healing can fix it and make everything lighter and easier. Jack can heal himself and have a much happier life! In another example, even Jack’s friend Jill could be helped by clearing grief that is unresolved from past lives. Jill is pretty zen about grief situations in this life, but even she has a bunch of past life grief she doesn’t know about. If Jill clears her past life grief through intention and self-healing, it will free up a bunch of her energy, and therefore help her with her focus, clarity, intuition, and fulfillment in this life.

Doesn’t my grief prove I loved my parent/friend/child? Shouldn’t I keep my grief? I heard that it never goes away. (nope)
Many people think that grief is always hard to get through and it’s because we loved the person who crossed over soooooo much. Some people even think it’s some form of devotion to their loved one that makes the grief hurt so much and last so long. Yes grief needs to be acknowledged and accepted as part of the healing process, and it’s good to be patient, nurturing, and nonjudgmental with yourself, but beyond that no one benefits from all your grief lasting so long. Your loved one is AOK getting the healing and counsel and rest that they need in Heaven. They are fine. Even your dog/cat who crossed over is fine too. They go to Heaven, get healed, then visit you as what I like to call your angel-dog or angel-cat, and still like to sleep by your feet, hang out with your new pets, and follow you into the kitchen. For you here in the lifetime of course healing and clearing grief takes time, but all your loved ones in Heaven would like you to be fine ASAP. In family/people situations they usually don’t even care about their estate anymore, so who gets what is the last thing on their minds. Being in Heaven elevates your consciousness, and the life review process they get in Heaven deepens their understanding of the big picture. Now that they are in Heaven, they want you to heal and enjoy yourselves, often more than they did in their lives. As one mom in heaven put it as I read her daughter, “I want you to be the way I didn’t teach you to be, but now I wish I had. I want you to live your own life, to balance and heal yourself, not to rush or worry so much, to figure out and do what really makes you happy.”

Grief builds up most in the 4th (heart) chakra, the 2nd chakra, and grounding. For now I suggest using some combination of my YouTube videos, guided meditation recordings from here on my website, and also affirmations you say yourself. Here is the youtube playlist I just put together of all my relevant self-healing videos called Grief: Heal your 4th chakra, 2nd chakra, & grounding to help clear grief & sadness. NOTE: I am happy in the videos so only watch if that’s OK. Most of the videos in the playlist were not made expressly for clearing grief but they can work well for it. There is a video about crossing over in the playlist too. Coming within a month I hope is a new $5, 20min guided meditation recording that incapsulates all this healing into one recording made specifically to clear grief. The angels bumped it up on my to-do list. Sooooooo when that is ready in a month or so I will write a blog post to announce it which will be linked here.

If it were only you going through this process of having your loved one cross over, you’d need extra healing for your

  • 4th chakra (self-love, self-nurturing, love, enthusiasm, passion)
  • 2nd chakra (emotions, sensuality, sexuality)
  • grounding (letting go, releasing down to the center of the earth, stabilizes & comforts)

Since it’s not just you and you will know others grieving at the same time, or know others who know of and respond to your grief process, you will also need to add
  • clearing energy whacks (damage to aura & possibly chakras caused by thrown energy, also defined in my glossary of spiritual & psychic terms)
  • clearing energy chords (draining or manipulative energy connections)
  • practicing giving cleanly, or calling your unique life force energy back.

So once again, here is the youtube playlist I just put together of all my relevant self-healing videos called Grief: Heal your 4th chakra, 2nd chakra, & grounding to help clear grief & sadness. It covers all the bullet point items above, so helping with your grief and also with your boundaries and energetic safety with others throughout the process.

Affirmations to help process, clear, or move through grief
Affirmations can work as mini-meditations particularly if when you say them in your mind you try to be very present. To get more present you could stretch you could feel your breath, and feel your toes wiggle, and re-do your grounding before saying an affirmation. Ideally you want to be very present and imagine the idea of the affirmation as a healing for your body, mind, and spirit.

Angels please help me to learn what I am meant to learn in a gentle way throughout this experience.

I am fully open to Divine assistance.

Angels help me to make time for the rest and self-healing that I need at this time.

I will let my angels help, guide, and protect me today, and also tonight in my sleep.

Angels, help me to learn to have healthy & strong energy boundaries with my family & friends throughout this experience.

Here’s a multi-sentence affirmation to help with clearing or moving through grief. Edit or shorten as you wish.
I am an eternal spirit.
I have experienced and cleared grief many many times in many lifetimes.
I am open to using my inner eternal wisdom, subconsciously & consciously.
I am never alone.
I am fully open to Divine assistance on all levels.
I can do this.

OK so that’s it! I hope it helps. Please feel free to let me know what this post means to you, or any follow questions or comments you have. Posting anonymously is easy and welcome.