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"What is he/she thinking?" How to re-center yourself within a relationship

I just did a reading with a return client, and her angels and she and I discussed some pretty interesting stuff about boundaries in relationships, and uncentering and centering thoughts. She’s a very loving person who highly values her relationships and wants to improve them when possible. In the reading we explored how she can “fence jump” and go into someone else’s energy field/mind. It’s not consciously on purpose but does happen within several key relationships she has. When she does that, she consciously thinks “What is he/she thinking?” about the other person. Sometimes this is when she is with a valued man in her life, who like many men gives less verbal cues and shows less emotion so the indicators as to how he is doing are not as obvious. Sometimes this is with females in her life who have heightened energy sensitivities, who can feel when/if she is in their space as an unwelcome intensity, who then back away, displaying less engagement and even reducing frequency of contact. Naturally this fence jumping is less respectful spiritually, and can make a sensitive person disengage even more, a non-verbal person even less communicative.

My client is used to mixing worry in with her feelings of love, which unfortunately leads to fence jumping. This is very common, and often this type of love mixed with a heavy dose of imbalancing worry is a learned habit passed down by example and shared environment from one generation to the next. I see it more often with women, though I have seen it with men whose mothers were big love/worry people.

Worry is caused by less grounding and also energy blocks with the 1st chakra at the base of the spine. The first chakra, when unblocked, generates courage, abundance, and feelings of and actual safety. When it is blocked one feels worried, jumpy, anxious, uneasy, sometimes even afraid.

Sometimes worry about what someone is thinking is also caused by a blocked 4th chakra. The fourth chakra is in the center of the chest and generates affinity, enthusiasm, self-esteem, and a positive glass-half-full, comforted feeling. When the fourth chakra is blocked one can feel lonely, betrayed or rejected. So not only is my client I just read (and many people) in a love/worry pattern which is more a 1st chakra issue, but also when people are less emotive and engaged, more withdrawn or non-verbal she feels subtle levels of loneliness and rejection- a 4th chakra issue.

So the good news is this like all other personal growth issues have simple fixes if you are dedicated to work on them over time. Here below is the homework the angels give for these issues, which you can do too! As you read through, feel free to pick and choose. Something is better than nothing, so if your motivation is low keep in mind that any little bit helps. For example my client’s motivation was probably more at a “medium” level & she does not usually meditate, so they only gave her about one-third of the homework below. Too much homework can be overwhelming. Think one step at a time.

When you are thinking “What is he/she thinking?” chances are you are not in your body and you have a very narrow and blocked grounding. To center yourself and become more present fast, you can take a deep breath, wiggle your toes, and imagine your spirit (you) coming back to your physical body. Imagine recreating your grounding. For grounding practice and basic info I have two grounding videos on youtube. I also have a 23 min grounding meditation called Grounding In-Depth which works your grounding, earth energy w/legs, and 1st chakra, found here on my site for $5 under Meditations, 11-30min. Also almost all my meditation recordings start with grounding and all are centering. You can double check the recording descriptions.

Gently redirect your thoughts
Mentally you can turn that question 180 degrees around towards yourself. Instead of “What is he/she thinking?” you can instead ask yourself “What am I feeling?” This gets you back over to your side of the fence, back out of their mind and into your space again. If you pair “What am I feeling” with some centering breathing, grounding, or stretching then it can help you discover and/or release any underlying feelings that led you to fence jumping in the first place. It could be that you feel unsatisfied in some way, possibly abandoned a little, or bored and once you realize it you can start to process and release those feelings, and think of activities or thoughts to help you to experience more adventure or enthusiasm for yourself. Often the baggage that makes you fence jump can be very old, say from childhood. In other words, the present situation triggers old baggage from long ago. Don’t be spacey and overthink it. Long and drawn out analysis is not necessary. Just get present and take some self-healing action, however small. Once we heal our inner issues more and more then having a less emotive or less verbal friend may be just fine. They can show companionship and closeness to you in their own way, and you won’t be anxiously holding your breath for them to do so.

Call back your life force/energy
If you feel you may have been fence jumping for years then there is a lot of your unique life force you may have left behind in the spaces of your loved ones. My youtube video Calling your energy back and giving cleanly gives you an easy techique you can do regularly to teach yourself to reverse your old habit. Essentially you create a gold sun and use it to call back your unique life force energy from one person or from everybody.

Clear worry/fear - 1st chakra
If the worry/love pattern is a big one for you then you can use my 1st chakra healing video on youtube which can help you to have less fear, anxiousness, jumpiness, etc. If you’ve never healed yourself with your hand chakras then you can first do my intro video to hand chakra healing. It’s simple to learn & only 4 minutes.

Heal your heart - 4th chakra
If you suspect that feelings of abandonment or loneliness are underneath this pattern, then my 4th chakra healing video on youtube is helpful. Again this does use your hands to heal so if that’s new to you start with the 4min intro video I linked immediately above. Also I have a free Self-Acceptance meditation recording that you can download which is 16minutes on my free meditation recordings page. That heals the 4th chakra too and since it’s an mp3 recording you can download it to your computer then your smartphone and take it with you anywhere.

So hope that helps! Any comments or feedback or questions please feel free to post below. You can post anonymously too.

A Meditation to Clear & Heal the Energy of Your Home

Being able to clear and heal the energy of your own home regularly is one of the most empowering things you can do. Whether you rent or own, whether you live solo or with family or roommates, by clearing the home energy you can make your home a more gentle, safe, welcoming, and inspiring place. This is why I have made so many guided meditations to walk you through how to do this.

Home Energy Clearing Meditation ver 2, which I just released this month June 2015, is actually the fourth meditation I’ve made for this- the latest and greatest so to speak. It’s only 15 minutes long, which also makes it the shortest meditation I’ve made to transform the energy of your home. Since Home Energy Clearing Meditation version 2 is 15minutes long, it is available for $5 on this page 11-30 minute Meditations.

Many people have time challenges and also inner resistance towards making time for meditation, so I did my best to pack lots of goodness in just 15 minutes for Home Energy Clearing version 2. It’s short but also potent. Here are the benefits people have experienced with these meditations.
  • Children may sleep better
  • Adults may sleep better
  • increased ability to organize
  • increased ability to give away possessions
  • less resistance towards physical house cleaning
  • greater feelings of big picture happiness like “I like my/our life”
  • increased ability to focus on completing tasks in the home
  • greater feeling of positive solitude instead of loneliness or invasive relatives
  • greater openness to positive change
Essentially by clearing the energy of your home it’s easier to be present and well in your home. For those of you new to meditation, some of the benefits I listed may show up with just one use of the meditation, but others would require more uses of the meditation over time. Why is clearing the energy of one’s home so necessary? It’s because imbalanced energy such as your sadness or stress, your neighbor’s anger, your spouse’s worry, even mental energy left by a former houseguest could be accidentally left in a room or part of a room, which affects everyone in the home. This energy can build up for years, and can even be around from previous tenants- but it’s simple enough to clear it so why not! You can use this meditation when you are in the home but also you could do it from anywhere.

Young children are especially sensitive to the energy of their home. They are too young to have solid spiritual boundaries, so they are like big sponges towards their parents and also towards any energy in their home. Very young children also have very obvious symptoms when they are bothered, such as screaming and crying instead of sleeping, acting out in school, etc. This is why my clients that are parents have been some of the most motivated to use these home energy clearing meditations. As an adult your home may not make you scream and cry, but you would likely have more inner smiles, peace, and productivity when the energy of your home is safe and flowing and grounded.

So this is the fourth meditation? It’s version 2, so what are the two others? In early 2014 I made Spring Cleaning Part 1 & 2 recordings which are recordings of live webinars I did. Each is over 1hr and are still available on this page 1 hour Meditations for $5 each. If you are really gung ho and time is no issue, then Spring Cleaning 2 still has some elements that did not make it into Home Energy Clearing ver 2 regarding clearing emotions & fear to clear clutter so it’s still worthwhile.

Of course ideally you would heal your own energy regularly, and also the energy of your home somewhat regularly. This Home Energy Clearing version 2 meditation makes that easier as it combines both self-healing and personal grounding, and grounding & healing or clearing the energy of your home. That way on the day that you want to heal your home you and yourself, if your time for meditation is very limited, you could just do one meditation for both!

Any questions or comments about this post or this meditation? Go ahead and share them as comments below. Any suggestions for future posts can also go below. If you prefer to post your comment anonymously it’s possible. Just make up a name and email address.


Grounding & Meditation During Vacation Travel

Traveling somewhere for vacation is supposed to be a treat. Often we have high expectations and think it will magically melt away all our built-up stress, but sometimes it can be very challenging energetically. I recommend you find time for your meditation work before, during, and after when you are vacationing so you can be most able to live it up and enjoy! Since energy often is triggered early, meditating days and even weeks before a trip could really help clear you and make the trip easier for you. In a nutshell- think grounding. Especially when traveling, redoing your grounding multiple times during a day is a great idea. So even if it's a minute here, 20 seconds there, imagine your grounding nice and wide, as wide as your whole aura, flowing all the way down to the center of the earth. This can be calming and centering as it helps you to release energy that is not yours.

I have a Grounding Part 1 & Grounding Part 2 video on youtube you could watch to learn all about grounding. My Grounding Part 1 video you can watch over and over as the first six minutes is a very restorative grounding walkthrough. My Grounding Part 2 video has grounding diagrams and examples.

Any new environment, even going to a grocery store, can greatly affect your grounding. Travel and vacations often involve many changes of environment, which therefore can affect the grounding of you and those around you. Grounding connects you to the center of the earth. Of course the center of the earth is the same, but the surface of the earth can vary greatly. For example if you are in a big forest there is so much earth energy even in the air all around you. With so much ambient earth energy it’s really automatic for anyone to be very grounded. On the other hand, if you are in an airport, on a plane, in a museum, a hotel lobby, or are traveling to a major city there may be relatively little ambient earth energy around, so the average person will be much less grounded and present.

With mindfulness, you can be very grounded anywhere, even in a plane. It just may take a few moments of your conscious intention and awareness to imagine and re-create a strong downward flowing grounding. Since those around you probably won’t be consciously aware of their grounding you need to understand that they may have abrupt mood shifts or energy level shifts during the trip as they are affected by the environment and become ungrounded. You cannot control how your travel companions feel, but you can work to ensure you are as present as possible during your trip so that you can make the most of it.

My audio meditation recordings are very convenient for travel, since once you get them from your desktop computer to your smartphone you can take them anywhere on your phone. So unless you will travel with a laptop, plan ahead. Buy them and download them and get them onto your phone before your trip so they are all set on your phone for you. All the meditation recordings I list below are available for purchase here on my site for $5 each.

My top TRAVEL meditation picks for summer 2015:
Shorter travel meditation choice: My meditation recording Beginner Version: Inspiring Day Meditation is only 9 minutes long. That'd be extra cool to try when traveling too because it could help to reset your mood and outlook. This may help you be less affected by mood shifts of those around you, as it empowers you so you can change your inner state to change how you feel.

Longer travel meditation choice: My Grounding In-Depth 23 min recording could be really interesting to use before, during, or after travel since it also talks about being open to change & releasing old patterns. This could help you be open to the transformative potential of travel. Also since it has a lot of grounding and 1st chakra healing with it, it could help for if you are traveling with young children. They are connected to your 1st chakra so the more safe your 1st chakra is, it could help to calm them.

Longest travel meditation choice: My 7 Chakras Meditation/ Healing recording is 28min. It walks you through healing all 7 major chakras from 7 down to 1, and also includes affirmations for each chakra. Since with this recording you heal all your major chakras, this could be fascinating to do when you are in a place that is very different than your normal surroundings. For example if you have the opportunity to meditate in natural outdoor setting, or even just in your hotel room in different country it could help you create a kind of spiritual milestone for yourself, where you are extra open to change and healing.

Transportation Phobias: If you have phobias or stress about traveling in cars or busses or planes, I created the Driving Wellness Meditation which is 27 minutes. It also goes through all 7 chakras but is tailored to help you clear transportation stress or phobias.

So thanks to my various clients whose traveling has inspired this blog post! Please leave your comments, questions, & suggestions for future posts below. Bon voyage everyone!