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Shared Readings, Couple's Readings, Readings for Children

Hi guys! Today a return reading client emailed me a question that I think many might have, so here is a paraphrased version of her question and my answer.

Client question:
I'd like to schedule another phone reading with you. My friend also wants a reading. Do you ever read two people together on the same call?

My answer:
Yes I do read two people at once.  I call it a shared reading and both are on the whole call, and the rates are the same as if were only reading one person.  I just need to know the first and last name of both people in advance so I can prepare.  I only read three at once in one case with a mom and her two young boys.  Most often when I read two at once it's a couple's reading where the husband and wife are both on the entire call.  Also often it's with a mom I've already read a bunch, and one of her children that wants to participate for the first part of the call so in that case it's a mom & child reading or a special shared reading where the short attention span child is only in on the first part of the call. I would always work with the mom first before we consider a mom & child reading, as helping the mom is the best way to help a child.
So I'm open to you and your friend doing a shared reading this next time or a different time, but of course let me know in advance.  All I'd say is please
be sure she really wants the reading and she's not just doing it for you or going along with what you want, because it's much harder for me to work with a person like that.  If she can read the Specialty page and then the Make a List page and see some things she is interested in working on, then that's fine. 
How to help a friend or loved one without a shared reading: Another option to help her is to just have the reading with only you on the call but
put on your reading topic list that I read her and/or give her an energy healing for part of your call.  I would telepathically ask your friend during the reading if she wants the healing and if so proceed. This is a very common way that I can help a client's spouse or child or friend or relative. Often people are much more open on a subconscious/spirit level to receiving a healing. That way she gets a healing, and you could have her listen to the part where I read her if you want.  Often this is used for example if a client's husband is not too open to this type of work consciously but has a lot of stress and needs a healing. Of course if they are not open to it consciously you should not blow their mind and play the recording for them. :-) Also if you know you would play the recording for them give me a heads up and I'll try to use words and imagery that would make more sense to them as I read.

Introducing No-Call Healings or Remote Energy Healings for Return Clients

So I've been a full time personal growth psychic reader and energy healer professionally since late 2001, so about 15 years. I have always done phone sessions, and did in-person up through early 2012 but now only phone. I know how I like working, my focus on personal growth, etc. If I'm new to you that's explained on my Specialty and Make a List pages. It's not often I start doing something totally new. In past years I have dabbled in working with people when they are not present on a call with me, and I think now I've found the conditions under which I particularly like it. I call them no-call healings, since otherwise I always work with the person on a phone call with me. I think a more industry-standard word would be remote healing though I want to specify that I can do remote healing on any phone reading call, and these new no-call healing sessions are both remote and without a phone call. I only do it for return clients I've worked with a while, so let's say a minimum of five sessions by phone over time. This is because I want a no-call healing session to be focused on doing deeper healing work, and I don't want to have to be concerned with if the person "gets" what I do or trusts my ethics.

I actually do deeper healing work in a no-call healing than I can with someone on a call, because I don't have to talk and explain myself as I work. Often the work goes so deep I actually have to take a minute now and then during the call to work on myself to re-center and recharge myself before I continue. After the hour or 1.5hr session I spend a few minutes writing up a brief recap of the healing. It's a brief recap and then I'm done. I wouldn't want a lot of email back and forth about the recap, which is another reason why these should only be with more experienced clients so they get my lingo. The no-call healing can also include me healing one or two other people in the client's life, as long as those other people telepathically (subconsciously) agree to the healing when I ask their spirits, so for example a husband or a son or daughter. Naturally the more time I have per person the deeper I can go with each person's healing. Another subset of these no-call healing is a no-call house healing which I can also do. I've done this on one or even two houses that the client owns, but that I can explain in a different blog post later.

Pro's and Con's of Healings with or without a Phone Call
So part of why the healing calls with the person on the phone call are nice is because as I am healing them I explain what I'm doing in language the client understands, we both can comment and ask questions of each other, so the client is learning a little as I work, and I feel the discussion deepens their self-knowledge. On the other hand,
the clear advantage of the no-call healings is when the client cannot be available to be on the call, but would really need or appreciate the assistance at that time. For example a client was traveling and going to be with many family members and since she wouldn't have much control over her schedule or privacy for a call she was going to cancel her scheduled phone reading/healing. Her angels actually were the ones to suggest the no-call healing idea, so we changed the appt to a no-call healing. She had that to look forward to, it helped her be more present and refreshed afterwards, and then once she got home she was able to read my email of the healing recap.

So just a heads up that this is something new I offer to clients I've worked with at least five times, and would be for the same rate as my phone readings / healings. If you want one we'd pick a day/time just like the other readings, and it would occur at that set time.

Healthy Heroes- How to admire in a healthy way, fame & boundaries

So is it OK to have people you admire, or are there situations where that is unhealthy? Yes and YES. This blog post will explain the energy of all that, when admiration is unhealthy and how to keep it healthy and empowering. It's sort of a light wandering ramble, so I hope you enjoy the journey. If you are in the mood for short & to the point, this post is not it. It was inspired by a wonderful client Pooja who commented on my Daniel Sturrige blog post.

Pooja asked:
Hi Janet, I have a bit of a weird question. Is there a way of adopting someone's energy... in a positive way. Like if you admire someone's social skills but know you are lacking and you try to emulate that person. Or from this sports example, if you can imbibe some of Sturrige's energy? Can some energy work help here? Or is that not something that is right or even done?

My reply is:
The healthy version of this, to be inspired by someone, can be done if you have a very healthy and flowing 4th chakra.  Here is my
video playlist about healing your 4th chakra. Then you just see- "Hey he customized his energy for what he wanted to do without even knowing about chakras.  I want to be my best and focus on what qualities I need and customize my energy to be my best with my knowledge of grounding & chakras, physical activity, affirmations, etc.  I will work to be both determined and playful, to be focused but also not take everything too seriously."  Then your attention would go to your goals, your daily habits, your journal, writing down your affirmations, your play, getting back your unique energy, etc.
On the other hand the
unhealthy version of it would be with a less flowing 4th chakra to spend excess energy and thoughts on how he does it, lost in admiration or possibly some envy or jealousy.  This would uncenter you and could get some of your energy in or around his space, and when your energy joins with others doing the same thing it could burden him.  If you find yourself more tending towards envy or low self-esteem I have a free 12min Self-Acceptance meditation that can be downloaded from my free meditations page, or once again my video playlist on the 4th chakra healing. I actually thought about this when I wrote about him.  I double checked with the angels that it was OK to write about his energy, & kept the discussion to his public professional life.  This is how sometimes being in the public eye can be a burden, because people with less flowing 4th chakras often have an invasive curiosity, and the fans in their space become a literal stress on the person they admire.  This is why many celebrities highly value their privacy while still loving their public careers, because in their private time they are trying to get everyone out of their space to feel like themselves again. They are good at their career which is how they got famous. They may even need to remain in the limelight to maintain their position or career, but they may not have the extra strong energy boundaries with others that they suddenly need.

A very tiny version of this happens to me. I am by no means a celebrity or even famous. Maybe I'm micro-famous ;-) but because my skills of hearing angels and clairvoyant reading are an uncommon career path and not so developed in so many others, it does inspire some admiration and even an invasive curiosity. I usually find some of the clients who are impressed by my work hanging out in my energy, in a confused way trying to rethink their last reading or wait for their next reading. This stalls their growth and can burden me. Fortunately part of the reason I'm micro-famous (OK love that term) is because I am good at teaching how to have strong energy boundaries, so I use my own videos, recordings, and techniques I teach to wash people out of my space & to feel better. :-) This is though why before I could only do 10 readings a week, and now only 15 readings a week. On the other hand since I'm basically teaching people how to need me less and less over time, to make a consistent 15 readings a week I still definitely request & appreciate new referrals. I just ask that the referrals be kind-hearted people. :-) Ultimately referrals & video thumbs up & reviews mean more people learn to heal themselves which is crazy good karma for everyone. Plus vehicles like videos and meditations can be used by countless people to create positive change and the angels can just give me extra boundaries protection. The angels make sure there's zero burden to me if tons of people use my meditation recordings and videos each day. They help to make it just a vehicle they can use on their own path. Sometimes angels will get someone to re-hear something I said in a reading in order to give the person a reminder and that is just the angels working with the person's memory so it is totally clean. It's very ironic.

So how do you admire anyone, including me, while being centered and healthy and moving forward? One way is to be very body connected. So you could do gentle stretching as you listen to your reading recording. Feeling the stretches would keep you present, so that you are opening up your own key inner reflective space and clearing energy.

Another way is to practice strong energy boundaries techniques with those you admire. Many only consider that they need strong energy boundaries with those they resist or dislike. So just like in my
strong energy boundaries video playlist you can use a gold sun to call back your unique energy from me and any current or previous mentors you have. You use the gold sun like a magnet and it brings back your energy and then cleans it off so you can shine it back on yourself. Also like in those videos, specifically the Removing Energy Chords video, you can imagine any energy chords that are between you and your mentors and melt them away with gold light, so that you can be inspired & learn only in a clean empowering way.

You can also use an affirmation like
"Angels help me to have clean, strong boundaries with those I admire. Help me to heal my own enthusiasm and motivation and move forward on my own path today." You can do all this with intention, or thought, so don't worry if you can't see energy chords or your angels. For spiritual change, vision is a fun extra you can develop over time, but all things happen also on the level of intention or thought. It does help if you are body-connected or present when you use affirmations, since manifesting requires a harmony between body-mind-and spirit so you could feel your toes wiggle, touch your fingers, or stretch, or as always imagine your own grounding. Here's a link to my grounding videos.


Psychic Sleep Clinic - Case #1, can't go back to sleep

Hi guys! Not being able to sleep or get back to sleep or sleep well is a big deal. In these psychic sleep clinic blog posts I will read various reading clients who post about their sleep issues. I can read a non-client too but they'd have to email me their first and last name since that really helps me to read someone. Here's Case #1, a fabulous client w/the nickname Kimmy. If you have sleep issues too or just want to sleep better I suggest you practice the tips here. You can practice sometime when you don't have to sleep to see if you can make yourself feel sleepy. That way you will have the techniques ready if you need them. If you can't sleep right now, first try the tips here without referring to my videos or pinterest page. This is because the less you're on the computer the better if you are trying to sleep. If that doesn't work then go ahead and try the videos.

Kimmy says:
Hi Janet- I am having trouble sleeping through the night the past week. I tend to wake up for a few hours between 2-4am-ish. I tried to lightly visualize *turning down the knob* on my kundalini under my 1st chakra, and cleaning out my 3rd chakra and aura, but it seems like perhaps it was too late at that point? Also, I tend to jump into a little fear during this time of night which seems to worsen the problem. Could this be an issue related to clearing the home? Are there other good meditations to use on your page regarding this problem? Thank you as always!

So Kimmy you probably already have my Home Energy Clearing v.2 15min meditation, or you got your angels to do an extra thorough clearing, since the energy of your apartment is not the issue, nor is the energy of your roommate the issue. Your apartment energy looks pretty reasonable around 2-4am. That is good that you try to imagine turning down/off your kundalini which you can imagine as a colored flame that starts below the 1st chakra at the base of the spine and runs up the spine. It can pop on and make you not be able to go back to sleep.
You know this plus you and I worked on your kundalini in a reading, but for others I have a webinar recording called Charisma & Kundalini which is basically a class on running and regulating one's kundalini energy.  It's over an hr long so it's under the Meditations menu, 1hr + meditation recordings. For those who prefer shorter you can listen to it in 15min increments or so. 

It's never too late to turn off your kundalini but you also have to undo the other wide-awake things going on in your space. So the next thing after kundalini is the
3rd chakra. The third chakra is where the ribs meet at the solar plexus. I have a healing video on the third chakra. If it's nice and unblocked then you can just calm it down with your intention and imagine it flowing but smaller and quieter with less flow so that you can sleep. Caffeine (or late night kundalini) opens up the third chakra and gets it spinning faster, so with your imagination you can do the opposite. Imagine it your favorite shade of yellow, unblock the front and back using gold light, then imagine calming it down so it's slower. The third chakra at fast speed makes you want to dance around (for example). At medium speed you can sit and work at a desk. With your third chakra spinning at a slow speed you want to sleep. The slower it gets the sleepier you should get.

Do this also with your
7th chakra in the top of your head. Imagine it your favorite shade of purple, unblock the front and back using gold light, then imagine calming it down so it's slower. When the 7th chakra spins too fast you feel overwhelmed. When it is at a moderate speed you an do work, focus, or sleep.

By the time you start feeling fear that means your
1st chakra at the base of your spine is probably also too fast as well. Imagine it your favorite shade of red, unblock the front and back using gold light, then imagine calming it down so it's slower. When the 1st is too fast you feel jumpy or nervous or phobic, when it's a more moderate speed you feel more at ease & safer, like you can keep your legs and body in one place. I have a healing video on the 1st chakra.

your grounding when you lie down ideally can be very big, as big as your whole aura. So you can imagine a very big grounding as wide as your whole aura, so 2 feet above your head, 2 feet to your left and right, 2 feet below your feet. This grounding can be like a big waterfall flowing downward. It would be most calming probably if you picked a slower moving color for your body's grounding, like red or orange. So imagine a big waterfall that comes up and grounds the back of all your chakras along your spine and grounds your whole aura. Imagine that this waterfall grounding carries down anything that is interfering with your sleep all the way down to the center of the earth.

Imagine a big gold sun above you melting away any blocked energy that is interfering with your sleep. Imagine this gold light also melts away energy chords that connect you to other people. (If Kimmy had a young child I'd say to keep the 1st chakra chord to a child 14yrs old or younger.) Kimmy the
melting energy chords is key because I think your spirit is chorded to certain creative colleagues you have, which keeps you from calming down your 7th, 3rd, and 1st enough and keeping the kundalini off for sleep. I have a video called Removing Energy Chords on youtube. Also Kimmy remind your spirit to only go where your angels say you should go in your sleep. Let your spirit body be guided by your angels. It looks like you are getting into social/creative situations in your sleep that are not peaceful enough, which then rev's up your physical body too.

So that's all for now. Hope that helps. Let me know.

Life Is A Journey, Not an Exam: A Lighter Look at Life Purpose

Hey guys! So in the psychic readings I do I often get questions about life purpose. Then I did just get an email from a client having doubts about if she is fulfilling her purpose, or if she is failing. Also just the other day shifting perceptions of life goals or life purpose came up with another client I read. The nutshell angel answer is: Life is a journey, not an exam. You can't fail a journey.

BTW the rest of the post is not a nutshell. :-) The point of a journey is to experience it, to learn from it, and to grow or evolve. Basically the more I talk directly to angels the more I hear that angels have trouble communicating to people at times because the messages get lost in translation. For example, say someone decides they want to do what they love for a living. They are sure that xyz is their life purpose, and they set out to make it happen. Years later, is it wrong for them to re-examine that purpose if they have not reached their chosen goal? Of course not. Would it mean they failed spiritually? No way. Would it mean they should stop wanting anything and that they were wrong to want that earlier goal years ago? Nope.

Generally the angels tell me that real life purpose is more simple & fundamental or underlying than a specific career. For example say you like writing songs. Are you failing if you are not a professional song writer? Of course not. It could mean that the simple underlying thing is to be creative or expressive, which could be expressed in so many ways, like wearing the clothes you want, or journalling, or having a creative hobby, finding creative solutions to your work-life balance issues, etc. The angels tell me that often people over value money and financial validation. Of course the angels want you to be able to eat and have shelter, but would it be a failure if your more creative endeavors were more personal and not professional? No. Sometimes our imbalances make us see only a very complicated version of our purpose, one that might not fit us in this lifetime. Being able to love and accept yourself more and more (not perfectly) is definitely a victory, regardless of how you make a living. Angels are super patient and super loving, so no they are not getting angry that you are not achieving x, y, or z. Remember, simplicity.

The angels mention to me that career changes are more accepted and possible these days which generally is a positive, but today there is also an idea that if you are really spiritual you should make a great living doing what you most love. That last part may be a mistranslation of the angels' messages in many cases. The angles keep using words like simplicity with me in this context, and also becoming whole. They say that an underlying goal that almost everyone has on a spirit level for a lifetime is to become more whole during the lifetime. So self-healing bit by bit can get you back on your spiritual path, on your way so to speak, because it makes you more whole over time. Releasing heavy energy, healing from earlier wounds also makes you more whole so this can keep you on your spiritual path. Again, examples of underlying simple goals could be things like
living with more courage
living with more peace of mind
living with more self-love
living with more confidence
living with more playfulness
enjoying your life more
taking one day at a time
There is even a way to complicate that too much by thinking "Oh well I have no peace of mind" without realizing that you do have some, and you probably have more than you've had in the past. Celebrating any tiny victory is key and is self-healing and self-motivating. It's about YOUR incremental growth, so compare yourself today to yourself before, not to those around you.

Also people tend to underestimate previous hardship and how that plays into all this. For example if you have had major traumas in your life, they were not accidental nor failures and they do affect the context of your purpose. For example if you were raised in a house with no peace then it would be a pretty worthy spiritual goal to have more and more inner peace, keeping in mind that you start from where you are and don't compare yourself to any other people.

If you have trouble evaluating your life in a positive way, the angels do keep reminding me to say that when you feel bad that's NOT a time to evaluate your life and give yourself a report card. Feeling bad or doomed or "off" means your energy is not very grounded or flowing at that time, which would distort your inner truths toward the negative. Just focus on feeling better and better and don't go into big picture life analysis until you feel much better. To get back some positive vibes with all this, I suggest doing things that are simple and grounding that reconnect you with your body, like eating protein, going on walks, feeling your legs and feet when you walk in your house, giving yourself a quick hand or foot rub, listening to uplifting music, smelling nice smells say from incense or candles, watching something funny, of course using any of my youtube healing videos or meditation recordings here on my site, etc.

So I hope this wasn't too long. There's so much to say on this topic. :-) For customized healing, reading, and help on this feel free to email me and book a phone reading appointment. My email is on
my contact page. Also if you want to know chakras that can help with uplifting your life-view my top choices would be 7th chakra in the top of the head (goals, identity, creative inspiration) and the 4th chakra or heart chakra in the center of the chest (positive outlook, enthusiasm, self-acceptance, motivation). I have YouTube healing videos on each of those chakras, but you can also start with my free meditation recording called Self-Acceptance 16min or also my Peace Now recording 12min on my Free Meditation Recordings page. For those too jumpy to meditate, you can always download it to your computer then your smart phone & half listen while you do something else, like listen while you make yourself a tasty high-protein meal. Yum! That reminds me it's dinner time. I'm going to go be in the moment with my dinner, which is a big part of my life purpose! :-)