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Shared Readings, Couple's Readings, Readings for Children

Hi guys! Today a return reading client emailed me a question that I think many might have, so here is a paraphrased version of her question and my answer.

Client question:
I'd like to schedule another phone reading with you. My friend also wants a reading. Do you ever read two people together on the same call?

My answer:
Yes I do read two people at once.  I call it a shared reading and both are on the whole call, and the rates are the same as if were only reading one person.  I just need to know the first and last name of both people in advance so I can prepare.  I only read three at once in one case with a mom and her two young boys.  Most often when I read two at once it's a couple's reading where the husband and wife are both on the entire call.  Also often it's with a mom I've already read a bunch, and one of her children that wants to participate for the first part of the call so in that case it's a mom & child reading or a special shared reading where the short attention span child is only in on the first part of the call. I would always work with the mom first before we consider a mom & child reading, as helping the mom is the best way to help a child.
So I'm open to you and your friend doing a shared reading this next time or a different time, but of course let me know in advance.  All I'd say is please
be sure she really wants the reading and she's not just doing it for you or going along with what you want, because it's much harder for me to work with a person like that.  If she can read the Specialty page and then the Make a List page and see some things she is interested in working on, then that's fine. 
How to help a friend or loved one without a shared reading: Another option to help her is to just have the reading with only you on the call but
put on your reading topic list that I read her and/or give her an energy healing for part of your call.  I would telepathically ask your friend during the reading if she wants the healing and if so proceed. This is a very common way that I can help a client's spouse or child or friend or relative. Often people are much more open on a subconscious/spirit level to receiving a healing. That way she gets a healing, and you could have her listen to the part where I read her if you want.  Often this is used for example if a client's husband is not too open to this type of work consciously but has a lot of stress and needs a healing. Of course if they are not open to it consciously you should not blow their mind and play the recording for them. :-) Also if you know you would play the recording for them give me a heads up and I'll try to use words and imagery that would make more sense to them as I read.
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