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Life Is A Journey, Not an Exam: A Lighter Look at Life Purpose

Hey guys! So in the psychic readings I do I often get questions about life purpose. Then I did just get an email from a client having doubts about if she is fulfilling her purpose, or if she is failing. Also just the other day shifting perceptions of life goals or life purpose came up with another client I read. The nutshell angel answer is: Life is a journey, not an exam. You can't fail a journey.

BTW the rest of the post is not a nutshell. :-) The point of a journey is to experience it, to learn from it, and to grow or evolve. Basically the more I talk directly to angels the more I hear that angels have trouble communicating to people at times because the messages get lost in translation. For example, say someone decides they want to do what they love for a living. They are sure that xyz is their life purpose, and they set out to make it happen. Years later, is it wrong for them to re-examine that purpose if they have not reached their chosen goal? Of course not. Would it mean they failed spiritually? No way. Would it mean they should stop wanting anything and that they were wrong to want that earlier goal years ago? Nope.

Generally the angels tell me that real life purpose is more simple & fundamental or underlying than a specific career. For example say you like writing songs. Are you failing if you are not a professional song writer? Of course not. It could mean that the simple underlying thing is to be creative or expressive, which could be expressed in so many ways, like wearing the clothes you want, or journalling, or having a creative hobby, finding creative solutions to your work-life balance issues, etc. The angels tell me that often people over value money and financial validation. Of course the angels want you to be able to eat and have shelter, but would it be a failure if your more creative endeavors were more personal and not professional? No. Sometimes our imbalances make us see only a very complicated version of our purpose, one that might not fit us in this lifetime. Being able to love and accept yourself more and more (not perfectly) is definitely a victory, regardless of how you make a living. Angels are super patient and super loving, so no they are not getting angry that you are not achieving x, y, or z. Remember, simplicity.

The angels mention to me that career changes are more accepted and possible these days which generally is a positive, but today there is also an idea that if you are really spiritual you should make a great living doing what you most love. That last part may be a mistranslation of the angels' messages in many cases. The angles keep using words like simplicity with me in this context, and also becoming whole. They say that an underlying goal that almost everyone has on a spirit level for a lifetime is to become more whole during the lifetime. So self-healing bit by bit can get you back on your spiritual path, on your way so to speak, because it makes you more whole over time. Releasing heavy energy, healing from earlier wounds also makes you more whole so this can keep you on your spiritual path. Again, examples of underlying simple goals could be things like
living with more courage
living with more peace of mind
living with more self-love
living with more confidence
living with more playfulness
enjoying your life more
taking one day at a time
There is even a way to complicate that too much by thinking "Oh well I have no peace of mind" without realizing that you do have some, and you probably have more than you've had in the past. Celebrating any tiny victory is key and is self-healing and self-motivating. It's about YOUR incremental growth, so compare yourself today to yourself before, not to those around you.

Also people tend to underestimate previous hardship and how that plays into all this. For example if you have had major traumas in your life, they were not accidental nor failures and they do affect the context of your purpose. For example if you were raised in a house with no peace then it would be a pretty worthy spiritual goal to have more and more inner peace, keeping in mind that you start from where you are and don't compare yourself to any other people.

If you have trouble evaluating your life in a positive way, the angels do keep reminding me to say that when you feel bad that's NOT a time to evaluate your life and give yourself a report card. Feeling bad or doomed or "off" means your energy is not very grounded or flowing at that time, which would distort your inner truths toward the negative. Just focus on feeling better and better and don't go into big picture life analysis until you feel much better. To get back some positive vibes with all this, I suggest doing things that are simple and grounding that reconnect you with your body, like eating protein, going on walks, feeling your legs and feet when you walk in your house, giving yourself a quick hand or foot rub, listening to uplifting music, smelling nice smells say from incense or candles, watching something funny, of course using any of my youtube healing videos or meditation recordings here on my site, etc.

So I hope this wasn't too long. There's so much to say on this topic. :-) For customized healing, reading, and help on this feel free to email me and book a phone reading appointment. My email is on
my contact page. Also if you want to know chakras that can help with uplifting your life-view my top choices would be 7th chakra in the top of the head (goals, identity, creative inspiration) and the 4th chakra or heart chakra in the center of the chest (positive outlook, enthusiasm, self-acceptance, motivation). I have YouTube healing videos on each of those chakras, but you can also start with my free meditation recording called Self-Acceptance 16min or also my Peace Now recording 12min on my Free Meditation Recordings page. For those too jumpy to meditate, you can always download it to your computer then your smart phone & half listen while you do something else, like listen while you make yourself a tasty high-protein meal. Yum! That reminds me it's dinner time. I'm going to go be in the moment with my dinner, which is a big part of my life purpose! :-)
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