Here I am squinting in the setting sunlight, vibing with my happy inner child over my new purple & blue hair. Happy to only need fingerless gloves in January 2017 in our new home in Olympia, WA.


Here is a sunrise over some giant evergreen trees. Trees like this generate such a cleansing vibe that it's a constant comfort to me here in the Pacific NW.


Here I am at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL, summer 2012. I created several of my meditation recordings there.


Here's our cat Bambi wanting to return to her nap. We have three dogs and four cats, all big nappers.


Here I am at the Morton Arboretum in Lisle, IL just an hour outside of Chicago. Autumn at the arboretum is so amazing.


Here I am with my husband Lorenzo Ross.


Here I am with my favorite tree in the autumn at the Morton Arboretum, a japanese maple.


Here are my two favorite males in the universe, my husband Lorenzo and our smallest animal Herbie.


Here I am hanging out with our three dogs. It's really fun to have a little cuddly dog pack.


Here is Lorenzo with our two other dogs Odie and Lily and our cats YoYo & Bambi. RIP dear sweet Lily August 2016.


Here I am with our cat Zen. I trapped and socialized her as a feral kitten. She is not feral anymore!


Here is our cat YoYo, then Bambi in front. Of course they decide what are good toys, not us.


Here I am with my husband Lorenzo at a rescue benefit the night we fell in love with our third dog Herbie and adopted him.


Here is a rose in a gorgeous rose garden in Evanston, IL, outside of Chicago. This is my favorite way to enjoy roses, live and still on the bush.


Here is Odie in our yard saying "We can't go in yet mom. It's so nice out!"


Here is Herbie also campaigning to stay out longer. He loves to sunbathe.