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Types of Sessions & Where to Start

Mini Triplet group remote energy healing sets A Mini Triplet set is 3 group energy healings within one week, on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Each healing is 20 minutes. I heal up to 50 people at one time, visualizing each person's energy individually with their angels. Mini Triplet group healings are often a popular experience for newbies and experienced meditators alike. Each person or "participant" can be doing anything at that time, even sleeping, because I am working with the subconscious part of their spirit and their angels. After each healing I'll make a recap video discussing what I did / what was healed and upload it to youtube. I would know your first and last name but your anonymity is protected of course. I email participants a brief multiple choice survey later that day so I can easily keep track of how each healing was for all the participants. That email does state the exact time that the healing was just in case someone wants to know. $30-$50 sliding scale. Sliding scale means you pay what you can afford.

"AIR" - Angel Inspiration Recordings. An AIR is 30 minutes of dictated messages from your angels for you. In advance you fill out a survey of up to six topics or questions- multiple choice topics or up to six write-in questions or topics of your choice. To make the recording I will be out of my body in a safe and sacred astral location meeting with your angels. I will say out loud into the recording what the angels say as accurately as I can. The idea with me being out of my body is to eliminate as much distortion as possible from my conscious and subconscious mind. I would email you a download link for the mp3 Angel Inspiration Recording on the day it is created. You have 7 days to download it to a desktop computer. I'll be doing AIR's starting Sept 1st, 2017…BUT September AIR's became available 6/21 and sold out in 12 days. October AIR's will go up on my payment page Tuesday September 12 and will likely go fast. You could email and request to be put on my news email list so that you get an email letting you know about any news, two times a month at most but could be once a month or less than that too. You will be able to get an AIR done in a certain part of the month (rather than a specific day) simply by purchasing it on my session payment page. For example, you could purchase an AIR to be done in the first half of October, or an AIR to be done in the second half of October, or both. $50-$80 sliding scale. Sliding scale means you pay what you can afford.

"PDH" - Personal Deep Healings - (formerly called "Personal NCH" - No-Call Healing Sessions). 1hr of healing. Then in addition an 8-12 minute audio recap recording is made for you so you know what was done. You provide me ahead of time with names for you & your partner, living parents or grandparents, siblings, children if any. I focus on healing you but that may involve healing one or two family members (with their spirit's consent) a little as well. I work with your higher self, your spirit, and your angels. Your angels and I improvise the whole time to find the best ways to heal you. You can be doing anything at the time of the session since I am working with the subconscious part of your spirit, your higher self, and your angels. When I'm done I send you a brief verbal recap of what I did as an mp3 file you can download. This is my deepest form of healing work, customized to your unique needs by your angels. I am fully booked on all personal sessions through September 2017 with no waiting list. Starting Tuesday September 12, 2017 you'll be able to purchase PDH's for October. You will be able to get a PDH for a certain part of the month (rather than a specific day) simply by purchasing it on my session payment page. For example, you could purchase a PDH to be done in the first half of October, or a PDH do be done in the second half of October. Prices: $90-$120 sliding scale. Sliding scale means you pay what you can afford.

NO phone sessions anymore- Phone Reading/Healing Sessions over It was overall a big honor, experience, & adventure to help thousands of people with phone sessions over 16 years, but ultimately a person like myself who specializes in personal growth and positive change is ready for a big change! After August 2017 there are no more phone sessions & I will be focusing on all the exciting new session types listed above. Also I will be teaching as many people as possible to heal themselves through my old & new YouTube videos, & the meditation recordings that can be download for free from this site.

Where to start?
*YouTube viewers who have used and enjoyed a lot of my Janet Wright Readings instructional videos on grounding, chakra healing, etc. could jump right into doing the soonest Mini Triplet group remote healing if they wish. There is a new Mini Triplet group healing set starting every two weeks, as long as it hasn't sold out yet. Just keep in mind that the effects you experience are different for everyone. They could range from subtle to more obvious.

Any of these session types are open to both new and return clients. I encourage you to read the descriptions of the session types and use your intuition as to where you want to start. The Mini Triplet group healing set is generally a great place to start for most people, but if you do get an intuition I'd say go with that. Not only are there a variety of individual and group healing and reading opportunities you could purchase, there are free learning experiences you could start right away. All the guided meditations on this site can be downloaded to a desktop computer for free. I have many instructional youtube videos on my JanetWrightReadings YouTube channel as well. So far in 2017 I've posted over 20 new videos.