Group & individual Sessions
What They Are, Prices, & Where to Start

Group Sessions-
Triplet group remote energy healing sets
THEMES for each triplet set through year end are now posted on the session payment page. A Triplet set is 3 group energy healings within one week, on Friday, Sunday, and Tuesday. Each healing is 20-25 minutes. I heal up to 70 people at one time, visualizing each person's energy individually with their angels. Mini Triplet group healings are often a popular experience for newbies and experienced meditators alike. Each person or "participant" can be doing anything at that time, even sleeping, because I am working with the subconscious part of their spirit and their angels. After each healing I'll make a recap video discussing what I did / what was healed and upload it to youtube. I would know your first and last name but your anonymity is protected of course. I email participants a brief multiple choice survey later that day so I can continue to monitor and fine tune healing effects. That email does state the exact time that the healing was just in case someone wants to know. $50-$30 sliding scale. Sliding scale means you pay what you can afford, with the standard rate being $50 US and lower rates there for financial need.

Individual Sessions-
Inspire Sessions - NEW
An Inspire Session is a 30 minute session that is recorded on audio for you the client, a custom mix of reading, energy healing, feedback on one's current & recent energy, self-healing tips & of course angel advice. Inspire sessions are meant to inspire, inform, & empower you in your self-healing, on your spiritual path, and in your daily life. During the session I am working with the subconscious part of your spirit, so you can be doing anything at that time, even sleeping. This is individual remote reading healing done with NO phone call. Inspire Sessions are introduced & explained in my April 2018 news update video. I do the session whenever the angels say is best, which is why there are no set times only broad time periods when you purchase a session. I am working with both my angels and your angels, and each session has an improvisational dynamic as the angels and I work to find how we can best help & empower you within those 30 minutes. I customize the level of information & suggestions to your current level of experience with chakras, aura, meditation, energy healing, etc. If I don't know you well please indicate your level of expertise during the purchase process or email me right after so I know. Inspire Sessions are great for all experience levels as I & of course your angels can customize the level healing, reading, & suggestions for you. It is generally assumed that you the client are interested in learning more about healing yourself in addition to receiving these sessions as often as you'd like, so that we are not encouraging a dependency, but rather supporting & informing your empowerment. After the session I email a download link to the you so you can download the 30 min mp3 recording to your own desktop computer. Note: If you are a new client and your paypal email is not a good email for me to use, please email me your main email address. My email is

An Inspire Session is what I created with my angels to replace the old AIR's & PDH's. I will of course honor the AIR's & PDH's that clients already bought for April & May but those are the last ones. My angels and I have incorporated many of the best aspects all the old sessions to create these Inspire Sessions.
If you already bought an April or May individual session and would prefer to convert it into an Inspire session, just email me.  

"AIR" - Angel Inspiration Recordings - done after May 2018 sessions which already sold. Replaced by the one NEW type of individual session, Inspire Sessions!

"PDH" - Personal Deep Healings - done after May 2018 sessions which already sold. Replaced by the one NEW type of individual session, Inspire Sessions!

NO phone sessions anymore- Phone Reading/Healing Sessions over It was overall a big honor, experience, & adventure to help thousands of people with phone sessions over 16 years, but ultimately a person like myself who specializes in personal growth and positive change is ready for a big change! After August 2017 there are no more phone sessions & I am focusing on all the exciting new session types listed above. Also I will be teaching as many people as possible to heal themselves through my old & new YouTube videos, & the meditation recordings that can be download for free from this site.

Where to start?
*YouTube viewers who have used and enjoyed a lot of my Janet Wright Readings YouTube channel videos on grounding, chakra healing, etc. could jump right into doing the soonest Triplet group remote energy healing set available if they wish. There is a new Triplet group energy healing set starting every two weeks, as long as it hasn't sold out yet. Just keep in mind that the effects you experience are different for everyone. They could range from subtle to more obvious. Effects tend to get more obvious over time as you do more sets, because as you get more present with the healings and your work you are open to bigger positive shifts and also more able to perceive shifts in your energy.

Any of these session types are open to both new and return clients. I encourage you to read the descriptions of the session types and use your intuition as to where you want to start. The Triplet group healing set is generally a great place to start for most people, but if you do get an intuition I'd say go with that. You can also email me and ask where to start, though most times people's angels say to start asap with a Triplet group energy healing set, or two sets in a row. Not only are there individual and group sessions you could purchase, there are free learning experiences you could start right away. All the guided meditations on this site can be downloaded to a desktop computer for free. I have many instructional youtube videos on my JanetWrightReadings YouTube channel as well. So far in 2018 I've posted many many new videos, with new technique videos posted at least with each new Triplet group healing set. If you only do one video I'd suggest the 18min Gold Energy Aura Buffer Zones video which has an aura repair walkthrough and a simple but super useful energy self-defense technique.