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For Phone Sessions (only through August 2017)- Make a List to Prepare

Once you get an appointment for a phone reading healing session, please make a list of why you want the reading to help prepare and focus your energy. About five or ten minutes into the reading I will ask you to read your list aloud and we'll go from there. Your list can have any combination or variation of goals, ideas, issues, topics, or questions.

Here are some possible personal growth reading topics. Someone might want more:

  • peace of mind
  • emotional wellness, less depression, fewer ups and downs
  • processing and releasing repressed emotions
  • better sleep
  • clearing fear, generating courage
  • building a more positive self-identity
  • self-love
  • self-nurturing or self-care
  • productive focus
  • creative inspiration
  • being less overwhelmed
  • ability to calm mind
  • ability to center self
  • ability to DO the self-care they know they should do
  • understanding of a particular relationship
  • understanding of past lives they have with a certain person
  • ability to move on and stop thinking about an ex
  • ability to change behavior, such as shop less, eat less, meditate
  • allowing angels to help and protect
  • innocence
  • work on healing their inner child
  • stronger boundaries with a family member, boss, etc.
  • to be more present and in the moment, smell the roses
  • feedback on their meditation practice or help with starting one
  • energy healing- I can give you an energy healing as part of the session if requested
  • energy healing coaching- I can teach you to give yourself energy healings