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  • All individual & group sessions are obtained by paying here. That's how you sign up and quantities are limited.
  • Triplet group energy healing sets sell out too, so don't snooze. :-)
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  • INDIVIDUAL sessions are called Inspire Sessions. PDH's & AIR's ended May 2018. Inspire Sessions were explained in this April 2018 News Update video! September Inspire sessions go up here July 15th, at the times stated below & on the right hand side of page.
  • To learn about archangel Metatron's Monthly Energy Healing Forecast recordings, watch my November 2017 news update video. To buy them or hear free samples go to the Metatron menu.

When for sale (once a month) individual sessions will be listed first. All other times, group healings are listed first, and individual session info after that.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS - called Inspire Sessions:
What's an Inspire Session?
  • An Inspire Session is a 30 minute individual session that is recorded on audio for you the client, a custom mix of reading, energy healing, feedback on one's current & recent energy, self-healing tips & of course angel advice.
  • Inspire sessions are meant to inspire, inform, & empower you in your self-healing, on your spiritual path, and in your daily life.
  • During the session I am working with the subconscious part of your spirit & your angels, so you can be doing anything at that time, even sleeping. This is individual remote reading healing done with NO phone call, done whenever the angels say is best. It's Divine Timing, & neither you nor I know ahead of time which day. You would know a few hours afterwards when you are sent the recording download link.
  • Please indicate your level of expertise during the purchase process or email me right after so I know. Inspire Sessions are great for all experience levels as I & of course your angels can customize the level healing, reading, & suggestions for you.
  • It is generally assumed that you the client are interested in learning more about healing yourself in addition to receiving these sessions as often as you'd like, so that we are not encouraging a dependency, but rather supporting & informing your empowerment.
  • After the session I email a download link to the you so you can download the 30 min mp3 recording to your own desktop computer.
  • NEW CLIENTS always welcome. Please email to say hi. If your paypal email is not a good email for me to use, please email me your main email address. My email is Also I'd love to know how you found me, first & last name, and where you live (country, time zone).
  • Inspire Sessions go up on this payment page each month on the 15th at a set time, & sell out within hours. Exact times listed on the right side of this page & the site's homepage.

An Inspire Session is what I created with my angels to replace the old AIR's & PDH's. My angels and I have incorporated many of the best aspects all the old sessions to create these Inspire Sessions.  

September Inspire Sessions - SOLD OUT in 3 hours this time (amazing September Triplet group healing themes are listed far below.)

Mark your calendar / set reminders, the October Inspire Sessions go up on this page Wed August 15th at set time
in US 4:30pm PDT / 6:30pm CDT / 7:30pm EDT

worldwide 11:30pm GMT / 12:30am BST Oct 16 / 1:30am CEST Oct 16

"Triplet" group energy healing sets. Set of three 20 minute group energy healings within a week- on Fri, Sun & Tues.
8 minute youtube video explaining what a (Mini) Triplet group energy healing set is.
  • These healings paired with the optional educational YouTube recap videos support & inspire your healthy self-healing habits.
  • You can be doing anything at the time of each healing.
  • Quick multiple choice post-healing surveys help me optimize participant results.
  • Participants are all over the world, both adults & kids.
  • Do one solo or get multiple sets for you & a friend, spouse, child, etc.
  • Spirit-level (subconscious) consent is OK for your spouse, parent, sibling, or child. Sometimes good for mildly grouchy husbands!
  • NEW Triplet auto-pay subscription option available, to view scroll down past all the individual Triplet sets listed
  • Triplet sets are selling out faster than ever. For the next available set scroll down to the September Triplet sets

July Triplet themes are all about VISION- Clairvoyant vision, Self-Image, Authenticity, both conscious & subconscious

Video Playlist from early July set: Clairvoyance- View Yourself, Self-Awareness Triplet set videos

Triplet Group Healing set- Fri July 20, Sun July 22, Tues July 24 - 70 participants, SOLD OUT
Theme: Viewing Others - more of expanding clairvoyant vision, clairvoyantly viewing others with non-judgement & ethics, clearing inner blocks that distort conscious & subconscious vision & perception of others  (6th chakra, 7th chakra, clearing beings, etc.) "See" where others are coming from in order to better respect & understand your work & personal relationships. **You could use videos from previous set as optional prep. Look above for link.

August Triplet Sets are all about SPIRITUAL PATH in this lifetime- Having more of a sense of your spiritual path in this lifetime, sensing & owning your path in conscious & subconscious ways, unblocking your way forward in general and for specific areas of your life. Everyone has a spiritual path, what you are meant to experience & learn in this lifetime. It may help to do one or both of the July Triplet sets and / or the technique videos that will be posted on YouTube for them, but it's not required for these August sets. Sold out, but you'll be able to practice all the techniques w/the upcoming YouTube videos.

Triplet Group Healing set- Fri Aug 3, Sun Aug 5, Tues Aug 7, 70 participants - SOLD OUT
Theme: Own Your Path with Heart Strength, Removing Guilt & Fear from family members / loved ones from your spiritual path, Building more Heart Strength so you can "own" your way forward, Being a "good person" and still being devoted to your own growth, wholeness & wellness, helps all chakras but especially 7, 6, 4, 1.

Triplet Group Healing set- Fri Aug 17, Sun Aug 19, Tues Aug 21, 70 participants - SOLD OUT
Theme: Own Your Path with Identity Strength, Removing punishment from others in this life & past lives from your spiritual path, Building Identity Strength so that punishment (conscious or subconscious energy attacks from others) does not affect you or your progress on your path as much, cannot stop or shut you down as much, helps all chakras but again especially 7, 6, 4, 1.

SEPTEMBER Triplet Sets are all about RELATIONSHIPS, Nurture Your Relationships more towards peace & understanding
with spirit level healing, spirit-level communication, & of course transforming yourself too.
The first set starting Sept 7 is more for you & your
personal relationships,
The second set starting Sept 21 is more for you & your
work / career relationships.
Both sets support each other but you can be a participant in one or both. Of course everyone can do all the optional technique videos once they are released, very early on the Sunday during the set.
Spirit-level communication means with energy, not verbal conscious words. In this case the energy is clean angel-assisted energy. Often people try with verbal / conscious words with limited success. This is because most real change happens with energy, not conscious words. Someone keep whacking you? Try to do this spirit-level healing with their spirit to see if it improves the situation, saving you time & energy!

Triplet Group Healing set- Fri Sept 7, Sun Sept 9, Tues Sept 11
Theme: Personal Relationships-
Nurturing Peace & Understanding in Your Personal Relationships.

Can help all sorts of personal relationships- family, ex's, partners, kids, parents, friends, etc. Helps w/ your relaxation & joy, clears old relationship baggage from this & past lives.

Triplet group healing set- set of 3 group energy healings in 1 week: on Fri, Sun, Tues
3 potent 20-30 min group energy healings, each w/a post-healing survey & optional YouTube recap video(s)
Max 80 participants

Sliding Scale- Choose Your Price
First/Last Name if Different

Triplet Group Healing set- Fri Sept 21, Sun Sept 23, Tues Sept 25
Theme: Work / Career Relationships-
Nurturing Peace & Understanding in Your Work / Career Relationships.

an help work-related relationships like co-workers, bosses, colleagues, clients, etc. Helps w/work-life balance, work productivity, abundance, clears old work baggage from this & past lives.
Triplet group healing set- set of 3 group energy healings in 1 week: on Fri, Sun, Tues
3 potent 20-30 min group energy healings, each w/a post-healing survey & optional YouTube recap video(s)
Max 80 participants

Sliding Scale- Choose Your Price
First/Last Name if Different

Triplet Auto-Pay Subscription Option
FULL Subscription- for both of the Triplet sets each month
  • Triplet Auto-Pay Subscriptions are a relatively new optional convenience. The old way of buying manually is still available. Just scroll up for that.
  • Auto-pay subscriptions work 2 months ahead, just like individual sessions. See example below.
  • For example, if you buy between July 1 and early July 31 your subscription will start with both September Triplet sets. So if you haven't already paid for earlier sets and want them buy manually (if available, before they sell out).
  • Once you have an active Triplet subscription you no longer have to worry about Triplet sets selling out. You're place is set aside for you for each set, starting w/the sets 2 months ahead.
  • Buy your subscription on the day of the month that you'd like future payments to be auto-withdrawn.
  • The subscription option requires a paypal account. You can create one as part of the purchase process if you don't already have one.
  • You can cancel at any time on your end within Paypal. I can cancel or suspend at any time on my side too.
  • If you have any questions about these details just email me

Full Triplet Auto-Pay Subscription Option - If you want to automatically buy both the 1st and 2nd Triplet sets each month

Want angel advice now, that can't sell out? Metatron Energy Healing Forecast recordings are monthly, so the Dec-June & July ones are here now. I make these with the Archangel Metatron, with messages & healing vibrations relevant to everyone. Use the new Metatron menu or use this direct link to the Metatron Monthly Energy Healing Forecasts page. Free 5 min sample links are on that page, as well as purchase links where you can buy & receive the download links for the full recording right away after purchase.

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