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Since all my readings and energy healings are done remotely, I am happy to help people living all over the US and around the world. Summer 2016 we moved from Chicago, IL to Olympia, Washington which is south of Seattle, WA and north of Portland, OR. I was able to move over two thousand miles and keep all my same clients. I am very grateful!

All scheduling for AIR's (custom angel recordings), PDH's (personal deep healings), and Mini Triplet group healings is done by purchasing on my session payment page. Since now you get a session by buying it, you can obtain your session any day, any time- even right now.

My email:

Please take your time reading this website to make sure that my specialty fits your needs and you understand what each session is.

Here's my cell but as I said all my scheduling for sessions is accomplished just by buying on my session payment page.
textable cell seven seven three, seven two eight, 7884

For those who already have phone session appointments (all fully booked, ending forever August 31 2017), I have an unpublished land line number you would call for your phone reading. Generally I remember to email you that number along with the session info when you get the appointment. If you forget it at the last minute I will also have my cell with me at reading time just in case.