Janet Wright Readings

Where Spirituality Meets Reality

My name is Janet Wright and I am a personal growth psychic. I DO NOT read the future. I help people to be more present, to look within, heal, and move forward with their personal growth goals. For some examples of personal growth goals see the Make a List page.

I offer four different services:
  • phone readings by appointment
  • free youtube videos
  • meditation & energy healing webinars
  • free or low-cost guided meditation recordings

I am a clairvoyant, clairaudient, and intuitive psychic reader and energy healer. Basically I can close my eyes and visualize your energy and the energy of others in your life and situations and issues you have, and see and hear your angels.

What I do:
I read your energy in the present and the past.

I help people with their healing, learning, growth, and empowerment.

I help you to create positive change in your daily life step by step. See my Specialty page for more details on what I do and do not do.